Friday, October 30, 2009

The End Of The Road (18)


This post is dedicated to all my commenter and followers I really appreciate ur comments and support ;* o eee there's a new character ;D this is a loooong post ;p

I woke up hearing some noises outside my room so I went to the bathroom washed my face and brushed my teeth and decided to see what's going on wila all the girls are argueing about some guy i think

Fajer: wallah iyhabel

Lulu: waiiiiiiiiiii3 shino iyhabel hatha ilee china hindee madree shlown 9ayer iyhabel?

Fajer: siktay siktay allah iy5aleech roo7ay shoofay tho8ich awal ba3dayn ta3alay kalmeenee

Dalal: ana agool ina 3adeee ya3nee he's just ok mo HOT!!

Noor: la wallah he is HOT ishtaboon akthar min hal jamal

Reem: 9ij ohwa wayed 7ilo

Fajer: eeeee 3ashat Nooroo o reeem 7ada iyanin ana ma shift wa7ed mithla

Lulu: tara wallah ga3deeen itbal'3oon shino iyanin o iyhabel iylawi3 il chabd o sheefa

Dalal:HAHAHAHAHAHAHA luluwooo shda3wa 3alaych

Sindis: banat shilsalfa?

(6ab3an they all ignored me cuz kil wa7da ga3da it9ari5 min 9owb)

Fajer: haaaaaaay intay 7adich 3ad shino sheeefa intay 3amya ma itshoofeeeen

Sindis: banaat!!( and they ignored me once again)

Lulu: la wallah mo 3amya bas il nas athwa8 o intay thow8ij il7imdillah wil shiker madree shlown 9ayer

Noor: lulu ana bawareech iya 3adel o ba3dayn goolay itha thow8ha 7ilo wila l2


Fajer: way bismillah ishfeech

Sindis: 9arlee sina wana anadeekom ishfeeekom it9ar5oon u actually woke me up

Lulu: ta3alay shoofay il 5awat Fajooor o noooroo o reemoo im6al3eenlee wa7id madree min wayn o iygooloonlee " waaay iyahbil iyanin ma shift wa7ed mithla" (mimicking their voice)

Fajer: lulu shut up okay!!

Lulu: shino shut up intay ilee shut up mooo ana

Sindis: haay haay hadaw balkom inzain mino hatha?

Fajer: sindisooo wa7ed ma3ana bil jam3a awal mara ashoofa 5ayaaal 3athaaaab naaaaaarr

Sindis: wana waynee ma shifta?

Noor: intay lahya ma3a il 7abeeb ma itfakreen ila feeee

Sindis: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ay lahya ma3a ila madreee 3ana

Noor: ee ee gi9ay 3alayna

Sindis: wallah il 3a'6eem madree 3ana

Lulu: inzain intay when is ur lunch wiya?

Sindis: he'll meet me after class at around 2:45

Lulu: mmmm ok

Sindis: weeeeeee lazem I go shower yallah yamdeenee

so i went to the bathroom took a long warm shower and then did my hair into big natural waves and applied some simple make up then changed into my new outfit I wasn't confident I dont know if Bader would like it or not

Once I was done with everything I grabbed my bag and books and went to the living room to wait for Dalal so we could go to uni together

Noor: yah yah yah yah ish hal zaiiiiiiiin

Sindis: heheheheheh 9ij 3ad shaklee 7ilo

Reem: ityanineeeeen

Sindis: aww thank u

Dalal came out of her rooom


Sindis: waaaaaayyyyyyh madree laysh a7is ina shaklee iylawi3 il chabd ifff!!

Noor: wallah ityanineen

Sindis: mashkoora 7abeebtee inzaiin dalool 5ala9tay lazem namshee we're late

Dalal: ee yallah lets go

we went to uni walking cuz it was just across the street and we enjoyed our walk i love londons weather each day is a surprise you never know what to expect one day its sunny the other is cold and that's what i love about it


Sindis: na3am ishfeech?

Dalal: hatha ileee il banat ga3deeen yithawishown 3alayh ilyowm

And boy he was HOOOOTTTT what can i say about him he was tall like tall tall maybe 190cm and his hair was a bit long but it looked good on him and he had a straight nose wide brown eyes he was PERFECT he was walking our way chan ana owgaf o atani7 ib wayha madree ish9ar feeneee

Dalal: sindisoooo fashalteena 3asallah iyfashlich yallah 5aleena inroo7 class!!

he stopped right infront of and faced us

Guy: oh mar7aba shlownkom ana asif bas sima3tkom titkalamoom ma3a ba3'6 o fakart akeed into 3arab

Dalal: eee we are

o ana still imtan7a ib wayha ya waylha Lulu mineee

Guy: ana tawnee yideed bil campus o manee 3arif wayn 9af il finance

Dalal: 5ala9 ta3al ma3ay ana i have finance il7een

Guy: 9ij wallah 5ala9 3ayal ayey ma3ach a7san umm nisayt la a3arifkom 3ala nafsee ana Ali alX

Dalal: tisharafna o ana dalal alX

Ali: ahhhhh wil ni3im waaallah madre bas it3arfeeen khalid alX

Dalal: ay khalid feehom?

Ali: khaled salman alX

Dalal: hehe hatha my cousin

Ali: la wallah

Dalal: eee wallah wild 3amitee

Ali: hathee rifeej 3omreeee

Dalal: sindisoo ya shagool tikalimay (whispering)

Sindis: uhhh umm hii ana sindis al flani


Ali: wil ni3im sindis

Sindis: allah yin3am ib 7alik OMG ti2a5art 3ala my class I'm sorry Ali bas talk to u soon

Ali: ee inshallah bye

classes were so boring i swear i couldnt wait until it was 2:45 and there he was my prince charming or is it too soon to call him MY prince charming

Sindis: hiii bader shlownik?

Bader: hala sindis ana tamam intay shlownich

Sindis: il7imdillah

Bader: ha jahza mishayna?

Sindis: ee yallah

while we were walking I saw ali so i decided to say hi

Sindis: oh hii ali shlownik

Ali: hiii sindis il7imdillah

Sindis: ha dalayt il class

Ali:ee wallah wa a5eeran dalayta ishda3wa chithee mad3oos

Sindis: hehehehehe eee ohwa wayed ib3eed so how was it?

Ali: wallah not bad at all

Sindis: oh ali this is bader alX, bader this is ali alX

Ali: hala wallah bader shlownik?

Bader: ahlayn hala inta shlownik?

Ali: il7imdillah

Bader: sindis mishayna

Sindis: ee yallah ok yallah bye ali

Ali: bye

Bader: mino hatha?

Sindis: he's a new student o ma kan iydil his classes fa Dala showed him

Bader: ahh ok o Sindis laysh kash5a?

SHIT am i overdressed?

Sindis: ana mo kash5a ( acting stupid)

Bader: ee l2na gilt abee awadeech mokan ma yabeela talbiseen tanoora wila agoolich imshay 5an roo7 nishtireelich a training suite

Sindis: uuuum ok?

we went to the first shop that we saw and i picked out a cute training so i tried it on

Sindis: what do u think?

Bader: shaklich wayed 7ilo

I blushed 3ishtaw i never i mean NEVER blush infront of a guy

Sindis: mashkoor

i kept it on but took the labels off so that i would pay for them and once I reached the register

Bader: intay shitsaween?

Sindis: ana shino ishsawayt?

Bader: la wayn ray7a?

Sindis: ray7a badfa3!!

Bader: min 9ijch tidfi3een wana mawjood

awwwwwwwww isnt he the sweetest

Sindis: ee l2na ana ileee imnageeta

Bader: sindis ma ra7 tidfi3een wala shay

Sindis: bas bader ma iy9eer

Bader: ana ma ar'6aha 3ala 3omree

Sindis: bas wallah mo 7ilwa ina inta ilee tidfa3

Bader: sindis please gi3day o ma ra7 tidfi3een madam ana wiyach

so i went and sat down and he actually paid for the training and I thanked him for like a million times o he kept on telling me that mala da3ee i thank him

Sindis: so where are we eating lunch?

Bader: we're not gonna eat lunch

Sindis: ha 3ayal!!!!!

Bader: bawadeech mokan ma a3ti8id ri7teela min 8abel

SIndis: wayn?

Bader: just wait and see

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The End Of The Road (17)

I'm so sorry i was sick last week o i couldnt write anything bas now i feel much better
so this is a long post for u guys
enjoy;*** o hope u like it

Everyone went to their rooms either to get their purses or to add some final touches once everyone was ready we went to the garage and took my car for change and we headed to nights bridge I found a parking right besides the main door and parked my car switched the engine off and entered Harvey nichols

Door man: good afternoon maam

Sindis: hello good afternoon

Jannete: aaaaah miss Sindis welcome it's so nice to see you oh hii girls how are you all doing

Sindis: Hi jannete please I want you to show me the latest collection

Noor: yeah jannete and we need it to be sexy

Jannete: oooooh is it for a special someone

Noor: yeah it is

Jannete: okay i've got just the right thing for you

we went and sat on the couches while Jannete has went to the stock room where all the clothings were

Jannete: now these stuff arent even on display

Fajer: that's even better

Sindis: okay let me see them

then came two other women who were carrying different kinds of dresses and clothes and they layed them on the empty couch so that I could see them, the first thing I saw was a black beaded short dress that had long sleeves it was beautiful so I decided to try it on I got into the dressing room and put it on but i thought that it was too revealing and the girls thought too so I put on another dress which didnt look good and so on until I setteled for a bit puffy black chanel skirt with a white chanel shirt tthat had pearls on the neckline and had I decided to wear electric blue high heals with a matching clutch I looked classy yet modern the girls were head over heals for my outfit I felt sexy myself and I loved the feeling so I took off the outfit I was ready

Sindis: I'll take it jannete

Jannete: ok miss sindis I'll take it to the register for you would you like to pay it in cash or k-net

Sindis: cash

I paid and everything and now it was time for the girls to shop they were all around the place kil wa7da itnadee il thanya min 9owb o jannete yabay kil il new collection ilee kanaw bil stock room o nagaw and I swear it's so much fun when u shop with the girls cuz all of them have style but each has her special touch in the end which makes her a bit different from all the others we finished everyone paid and then we headed to the salon so we could get our nails done

Suzy: oh hi girls we've got everything ready for you ohh and reem it's been a long time how've you been

Reem: hi suzzy yeah ive missed this place and i'm fine how are u?

Suzy: I'm great so are u guys ready?

All: yes

we sat down and got our nails done i've painted my nails blood red wich looked amazing and reem got a french manicure,lulu's nails were the natural pink color, Noor had the bright pink nails going on, dalal's nails were maroon, fajer painted her nails white we enjoyed our manni's and paddi's we didn't have anything to do so we decided to go eat some dinner we called yousif to join us I hope everythings going well with him because im really worried about him

we all sat around the table and then yousif joined us

Yousif: al salam 3alaykom

All: wa3alaykom al salam

Noor: hala 5alee shlownik?

Yousif: halla Noor tamam intay shlownich

Noor: ana ib 5air il7imdillah 5aleee ishfeeek chithee '6a3if o wayhik 7ada ta3ban

Yousif: eee imsawee rijeem o kint shway maree'6 bas il7een il7imdillah 9ir a7san

Noor: akeed ma feek shay itha feek nigdar inwadeek il doctor

Yousif: la la ma yo7taj ana ri7t o galee ma feenee shay

Noor: mmm ok

he came and sat right besides me

Sindis: shlownik yousif?

Yousif: ahlaain sindis il 7imdilla

Sindis: (whispering) when's ur appointement

Yousif: on friday laysh intay bitiyeen?

Sindis: ee akeed!!

Yousif: tara wallah mala da3ee

Sindis: l2 ana bayey ma 3indee shay asawee fa bayey wiyak

Yousif: kayfich ilee ray7ich

Noor: intaw ish3indikom ga3deen itisasirown

Sindis: ga3deeen in7ish feech

Noor: aha (giving us a weird look)yousif min 9ijkom

Yousif: la 3ad kilish wala noor bas fee salfa baynee o bayn sindis

we finished dinner and then we went home I was so tired i took a shower changed and layed on bed thinking about tommorow when my mobile beeped

1 message recieved
from: Bader
( bacher 3ala wa3adna?)

1 message sent
(eee inshallah)

1 message recieved
(manee gader a9ber layn iy9eer bacher)

ya3nee what do u repy 3ala such thing

1 message sent

1 message recieved
(wallah il 3a'6eem law bas tadreen)

1 message sent
(inshallah badree bacher)

1 message received
(inzain ma gilteelee mota ur classes iy5al9oon?)

1 message sent
(at 2:45)

1 message recieved
(ok 5ala9 3ayal i'll meet u then)

1 message sent
(ok good night)

1 message recieved
(good night ;*)

by now I'm freaked out about tommorow it's actually my first time going out with a guy except for my cousins and yousif ya3nee ,what will he think of me? what will we talk about? is he boring or is he fun to be with? wallah madree i'll have to wait and see until tommorow and with all those thoughts going through my head I drifted to sleep

Friday, October 16, 2009

The End Of The Road (16)

I was listining to this song while writing madree ish6ara 3alay loool
i wrote it gabil la a6la3 o i posted it awal ma radayt cuz ma gidart
so enjoy ;D

He took me to the appartement o ti6aman inee di5alt da5el and then he left. I headed straight to my bedroom ri7t tiyadadt o 9alayt and I prayed like there's no tommorow "ya rab itshafee wit3afeee" i kept repeating that phrase over and over again i finished from praying took of my thowb and folded it neatley then layd it on my praying mat and also folded it and left it at the same spot. I remebered that Reema was here to visit us o unfortunateley I didn't spend alot of time wiyaha so ri7t ashoofha.

I left the room wila mako a7ad bil living room so i decided to go check in Reema's room

Sindis: hiiii reeemaaa

wila all the girls mityam3een 3indaha

Sindis: oh hi banat ish3indikom mityam3een 3ind Reema

Noor: ta3alay shoofay shino wi9alich ilyowm

Sindis: oh shino???

Fajer: eeee ta3alay

Sindis: inzayn inzayn

di5alt her room o gi3adt on her bed o gamaw Reema o Dalal o they came in pushing a wrapped box that had a ribbon on top it looked so cute but it was big so I rushed o I opened it wila kil anwa3 il kitchen supplies I laughed so hard I knew who it was from and there was a card placed on top of the ribbon wich said

"this is so that next time you'll cook you can use them

I swear I don't know what's up with him and gifts he keeps sending me these stuff but it's kind of cute that he actually did that

compose message:
thank you 3ala kil hatha I swear a7rajtnee

Incoming Call

I answered 3ala 6ool

Sindis: alooo

Bader: alooo

Sindis: umm hala bader shlownik?

Bader: ana ib5ayr dam inee sima3t 9ootich

Sindis: .........

Bader: intay shlownich?

Sindis: zaina il7imdillah umm bader mashkoor wayed 3ala il kitchen supplies

Bader: hahahaha i3jibooch?

Sindis: eee wayed 7ad.hom iyshawgoon 9ij thank u

Bader: il 3afo hatha 3ashan kil ma ishtahayt machboos ti6bi5een feehom

Sindis: hehehehehe ya3nee inta wathi8 ina kil mara ib tishtihee machboos basaweelik

Bader: eee ha 3ayal

Sindis: 5ala9 okay tistahil

Bader: 9ij 3ad astahel?

Sindis: haa ee ya3nee umm eeee

Bader: hahahahahahaha ishfeech tidowdahtay

Sindis: ana!!! ma tidowdaht wala shay bas l2na noor ga3da it2theenee

Bader: eee ok inzayn can I see u bacher 3ogob ma it5al9een ur classes

Sindis: ee i guess bacher ma 3indee shay Bader: okay 3ayal see u then

Sindis: inshallah bye

and we both hung up awal ma I closed the phone wila il banat ya'3shoon min il '6i7ik


Noor: hahahaha ishfeech chitheee tidowdahtay wintay itkalmeena

Sindis: ma tidowdaht wala shay

Reema: sindisooo mo 3alayna yallah goolay ishgal

Sindis: wallah ma gal ana ilee '3ala6t

Reema: hahahahaha laysh ishgiltay

Sindis: ohwa gal kil ma ibyishtihee machboos yabeenee a6ba5la chan agoola bil '3ala6 3ad inta tistahel

Noor: 3ad wallah laygeen 3ala ba3a'6

Sindis: haaaaaaaaaay shino laygeen 3ala ba3a'6 tara ma 9ar shay

Noor: 3ayal laysh ur gonna meet him bacher??

Sindis: abaaaaiiiih it5ar3een ishdarach

Noor: ya3nee ga3da itgooleenla bacher ma 3indee shay akeed ur gonna meet him wila at least see him

Sindis: eee I am

Lulu: inzaiin 3ad deeray balich Sindis mo iygi9 3alaych

Sindis: waaaaaiiiiiiihhhhhh Lulu radayna

Lulu: l2 ana bas ga3da agoolich

Sindis: inshallah I will take care ag9a lunch

Lulu: ee awal shay lunch ba3dayn movie ba3dayn lunch o movie ba3dayn 3ad Romantic dinners o iygi9 3alaych bil 7achee ilee mala da3eee o iygoolich ina ur the one while he said to a bunch of other girls '3ayrich which he has definately broke their hearts

Dalal: ola ola ola Lulu ishfeech sawayteeha gi9a bas ibtakil lunch wiya il rayal

Lulu: la ana bas ga3da agoolaha

Sindis: thank you Lulu wallah i appreciate it bas why not give him a try

Dalal: 7abeebtee ma 3alaych minha il 7ayat 7ilwa enjoy o ma 3alaych bas awal ma it7iseen ina ur not comfortable around him hidee u don't want to go through what i've been through

Sindis: inshallah thank u 7abeebtee.. inzayn ma 3indee shay albisa !!!! ishraykom inroo7 harvey nichols?

Fajer: eeeeee yallah I never say no to shopping

Reema: haman ana tara ana ma 6ala3t ila awal yowm yeet


Monday, October 12, 2009

The End Of The Road (15)

I know inee gilt i'll be posting regularly o i'm so sorry inee i didn't :(
fa it's a school night o ana ga3da i'm writing a post
so enjoy ;D

I didn't tell anyone about yousif and neither did he I kept reminding him everyday to take his medication and he did he felt week and useless his face was turning pale he was loosing weight he has black circles under his eyes and whenever anyone asks him what's wrong he would say he has a flue or he'll just make up something he told me that today he has an appointment to see if the medication is kicking off or not and I insisted on going with him while he refused.

He picked me up from uni and we headed to the hospital

We entered through the huge hospital doors and there were posters and banners everywere there was this specific one that caught my attention which said "always have hope never lose faith "

There were people from all ages and sizes young kids that were bold and hairless a women in her mid thirties that had wires all over her body and old man that looked misserable but had a smile plastered on his faces and acted happy how could they survive such thing why would young inoccent children live this way I felt sad I told Yousif that I neaded to go to the bathroom and I did I went there to cry I cried my heart out I thanked god for everything that I have and for the perfect health that I'm in 3asa allah la iy'3ayer 3alayna inshallah

I was standing in front of the sink while I was crying when a young girl came in with her mother and she just stood there and watched me crying I looked her way and she smiled to me I smiled back and she said

Girl: Don't cry your going to be fine and u will heal that's what mommy keeps telling me

( the girl was so adorable she had a scarf around her head and she had 2 dimples that showed when she smiled)

Sindis: you think so

Girl: yes look at me I feel better already the doctor keeps telling me that I'm healing

And just like that I started crying one more time How could a five year old kid handle such thing and I cant I stayed for a few minutes until I felt better then I washed my face and left the bathroom

I found Yousif sitting in the receptions chairs waiting for me so I went to him

Sindis: ha ma ri7t 7ag il doctor

Yousif: la gilt an6irich 5ift ma itdileen

Sindis: ee okay yallah mishayna

Yousif: ee yallah

We headed to the elevator and pressed on the button that indicated the 3rd floor and Ding the elevator women "3rd floor" and the elevator doors opened

The whole place was white everything the walls the chairs everything I walked behind Yousif to a long narrow empty hallway then he stood behind a door that said "DR. Thomas Jackson" he knocked on the door twice then entered I followed him inside

DR: oh Yousif how are you feeling today please have a seat

Yousif: I'm feeling worse doctor I'm always tired and sleepy but the problem is i cant sleep the pain is horrible

Dr.: well let me see about that

He called the nurse to bring in Yousif's file and she did he read the papers and the lab reports silentley

Dr: I'm so sorry Yousif but this dosn't seem to be working for you

Sindis: Doctor what do you mean it doesn't seem to be working for him he's taking his medication everyday and I am sure that he takes his meds regullarly

Dr: it doesn't matter if he takes them regullarly or not but his body doesn't seem to be interacting with the meds

Yousif: so what do we do now doc?

Dr: there's only one more thing left!!!

Yousif: okay when do we start?

Dr: we'll start net week because there are some tests that i would like to make before we start

Yousif: okay doc thanks

And that's when i crashed again I started crying one more time and Yousif was actually shocked ma yadree shino iysawee he tried calming me down he hugged me gently it was a brotherly hug the one that u know that everything's gonna be fine and that nothing bad is gonna happen the hug where u know that he'll never leave ur side when u need him It was so soothing so comforting I felt like a kid hugging her elder brother

We left the hospital without saying a word I was actually sad that yousif was going through this difficult phase but what can I do except for pray

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The End Of The Road (14)

Enjoy got the chance ;D

I actuallay couldn't wait so I called him instantley

calling Yousif:

Yousif: aloooo

Sindis: Yousif waynik?

Yousif: ana bil hotel shfeekom feekom shay?

Sindis: la ma feena shay bas I need to talk to u , when can I see u

Yousif: il7een ana ayeech 3a6eenee robi3 sa3a o ana 3indich

Sindis: ok

I waited for him in the living room o i've put the package in my bag so that no one would see it and after exactley 15 minutes my phone rang

Incoming call Yousif

Sindis: hala Yousif

Yousif: ana ta7at ib tanzileen wila ana a93adlich

Sindis: la ana banzil

Yousif: ok yallah bye

Sindis: bye

I ran down the stairs not wanting him to wait for long and I saw him chatting with Mike and once I approached him

Yousif: wayn tabeen itroo7een

Sindis: 5alna inroo7 Costa in'3ayer hal mara

Yousif: Sindis shfeeech wayhich ma iy6amin

Sindis: laman now9al agoolik

Yousif: yallah 3ayal imshay 5anroo7

We arrived at Costa and the smell of the fresh coffee was so delightful u could actually taste it we sat down and made our selfs comfortable

Yousif: shino ibtishribeen?

Sindis: Mocha flake please

Yousif: ma tabeen takleen shay?

Sindis: la malee nafs mashkoor

He went and got us our drinks and he bought me a turkey sandwich

Yousif: just incase ityoo3eeen

Sindis: mashkoor

Yousif: momkin please itgooleenlee ishfeech l2nee bas manee gader a9ber

I reached for my bag and got out the package

he was beyond shocked

Yousif: ooooooooooooooooooooo ana nisayt il '6aher 7a6ayta 3ala ur adresss

Sindis: ya3nee il package 7agik

Yousif: eeeee ana bagoolich kil shay bas please Noor la tadreee

Sindis: laysh inta shfeek hathee mo ay clinic Yousif it's a cancer clinic Yousif

Yousif: i have Waldenström's Disease

Sindis: shino hatha Yousif i've never heard of it

Yousif: it's one kind of blood cancer Sindis it's kind of rare it usually comes to old people that are over the age of 65 and no one knows the cause it happens when there is overproduction of cells from the bone marrow o hatha i5alee il blood gets thick o iysabib wayed mashakel

Sindis: inzayn o shino bil package

Yousif: I'm supposed to get a bone marrow transplantation bas they told me ina its too dangerous 7agee fa now I'm taking Melphalan o if there's no use I have to go through chemotherapy

Sindis: abaaaaiii Yousif laysh ma giltlina this is serious mo '3ashmara

Yousif : wallah adreee bas mabee a'6ayig 5ilg Noor mo il7eeen awal shay lets see what will happen with the treatement ba3dayn iy9eer 5air

Sindis: bas inta u'll tell me everything whether it's good or bad

Yousif: inshallah I will bas u have to promise me inich ma itgooleen shay 7ag Noor

Sindis: 5ala9 I promise

I knew it I knew that something wrong the Dream o Noor o everything I could feeeel it. Once i left the cafe I felt so bad for Noor how could she handle such news It's not easy to slowly loose someone u love la la ista'3farallah he's gonna heal o ib yirja3 mithel il awal bas what if ya3nee what if something happens what will happen how he just leave her so easily !!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The End Of The Road (13)


We had our afternoon tea with Bader and chatted for a while then he excused himself cause he had to meet a friend the instance he set foot out of the appartement I recieved a message

1 message recieved:
(a7la akel thigta ib 7ayatee ya36eech il 3afia o tislam eedich)

Isn't that just sweet wallah madree shino arid 3alayh

1 message sent:
(3alayk ib alf 3afia o allah iysalmik whenever ur craving machboos I'm a phone call away)

1 message recieved:
(shaklee kilyowm ba6ayi7 3idikom 3ayal

1 message sent:
(7ayak allah ib ay wagt ur always welcome)

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I was wearing an orange top with dark blue jeans ya3neee kan shaklee 3adee

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was he flirting or was he just complementing me maybe kan bas ga3ed yimda7 madree wallah madreee ishsalfita bas wallah I didnt expect him to be like this ya3neee sowalfa o 7achya il wa7ed iy7is ina 9ij rayal

the sun has set and the moon has rised it was night time we stayed at home and enjoyed reema's company she told us all about the hot guys she found with her at AUP and how she was adjusting in Paris and everything I was really tired from all the cooking I wasnt actually used to it so I excused myself early and left the girls

I changed into my pjs and layed down on my bed with the cold cosy cover that was surrounding my body and warming it slowly I drifted to sleep in a matter of minutes I slept safeley dreaming of birds and cloudy skies

I woke up at around 9 am cuz my class starts at 10:30 did the usual changed and everything I was done at about 9:30 so I went to the living room the curtains were fully open the sunshine has reflected the colors of the couches into the marble grounds it was so peaceful the place was quite everyone was sleeping no one had class at this time except for me the phone house for rang and i answered it

Sindis: hello

Mike: o good morning miss Sindy I'm sorry that I called u this early but u've got a package should I send it up

Mike was the concierge he is so sweet he helped us alot when we first moved in

Sindis: yes please i would love that thank you

Mike: your welcome do u need anything else miss Sindy

Sindis: No thanks alot bye

Mike: ok bye

After a few minutes the door bell rang and i went to get it I was so eager to see who was the package from

Mike: this is it miss Sindy

Sindis: thank you but do you know who is it from?

Mike: No I actually dont but I think it's written on the back

I flipped the package and It's from a clinic
To: Mr. Yousif al -
from: x clinic

okay why does Yousif get medication he is in full health is it for him? what is wrong with him ? I'll just have to wait and see

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The End Of The Road (12)

So I'm really embarresed ina ma fee any comments bas I will continue posting o inshallah i'll be seeing more comments ;D
enjoy ;***

I went to class o kan mazajee zift min Bader ya3nee at the begining i thought that he was sweet bas now ya3nee what the hell he has no right to judge me the class went by well I really didn't pay any attention to what the proffesor was saying I was actually chatting with the girl ilee yamee she's so sweet ya7laylha

once the professor dismissed us I left the class and I saw bader sitting on the chairs near by awal ma he saw me he stood up and headed towards me

Bader: ha how was ur class

Sindis: not bad u?

Bader: wallah ana il professor malee ma yinbili3 fa kan il class 7ada sa5eef

Sindis: shisim ur professor?

Bader: Dr.Paul

Sindis: waaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii33333333333333

Bader: it3arfeena?

Sindis: shlown ma a3arfa he kicked me out of his class the first day

Bader: hahahaha laysh shimsawya?

Sindis: bas l2nee I asked daloool for a pen

Bader: ya3nee ma anlam

Sindis: la la I dont blame u

we kept talking for a while and then he suddenley said

Bader: tadreen shino mishtihee min il kuwait?

Sindis: shino?

Bader: machboos diyay min yeet min il summer ma kalayta

Sindis: ma 6alabt shay bacher il '3ada 3indina machboos diyay and ur welcome to join

Bader: la la la o shlown mino biysawee

Sindis: ma yabeela shay ana asawee


Sindis: tadreee ana shino 9ij mishtahya?

Bader: l2 shino?

Sindis: mishtahya rice crispies o m&m brownies o kinder cupcakes malowt Muffy Cake

Bader: 3ad hathee 9a3ba shlown asaweelich iyahom

Sindis: hehehehe mino ilee galik abeek itsaweelee iyahom ana bas ga3da agoolik inee mishtahyathom

Bader: aha ok

Sindis: abaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiih I'm late to class yallah I'll see you tommorow for lunh inshallah

Bader: inshallah o thank u 3al 3azeema

Sindis: any time

The Next Day:

I got to make machboos diyay from scratch it wasn't that hard actually well it looks good and it smells good but I don't know about the taste we'll have to wait and see lunch was ready so I put in the oven to make sure that It wont get cold and I went to take a shower cause kanat ree7tee 6oba5

Once I finished I went to the living room and stayed with the girls and Yousif we were waiting for Bader to come and DING DONG our door bell rang

There he was Bader holding 5 Muffy Cake boxes

Sindis: OMG MO MIN 9IJIK 9A7

Bader: I had a friend that was coming to london in the afternoon flight so I asked him yesterday to bring me some

Sindis: tara kan 9ij mala da3ee itkalif 3ala 3omrik

Bader: la wallah ma feeha kalafa wala shay

We ate our lunch and the food was amazing I was really proud of myself

Bader: akramkom allah

All: 7ayak allah

Bader: tislam eedich sindis

Sindis: allah iysalmik

Now it was time for dessert the rice crispies were spectacular the crunchiness and the smoothness of the caramel were just breathtaking, ooooh and the soft brownies that were mouth watering and now for the kinder cupcakes the taste of the chocolate melting in your mouth made me feel like I was in heaven

Sindis: Bader wallah thank u alot 3ala kil hatha 9ij u made our day

Bader: wallah ma sawayt ila il wajeb o 3alaykom bil 3afya

I guess I started to like Bader again ma adree I think he's sweet but sometimes annoying Its too soon to judge we'll have to wait and see