Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Mistake (19)

يا حظ قلبي يوم يلقاك ادعي الهي لي يخليك

All I could think of is SHIT he found out he found out he found

I went running to my brother ashwana ohwa ilee a9'3ar minee fa he doesn't mind if I took his phone

"Saloom pleaaaseee give me your phone digeega" I was pleeding

"ni6raay 5alashoof wa7id msaweelee add o ga3d iysolif ma3inee ma3arfa" he replyed confused


"hah shfeech yanaytay"

'eeeee yalla gooolleeeee'

' sa2alnee hatha mino mobila o giltla ina malee o galee inzain o kan mala chan agola ina mal 7maid o5ooy.... 7ataa galeee oh a3arfaaa hathaa iy9eer rfeeej o5ooy'

I'm busted o ba3ad iy3arif o5oooy ri77tt feeeehhaaaaaa

" delete him"

"lesh masken masawale shay!"

" delete ishlik brabi3 7amood yalla delete"

" mara7 asaweela delete ilwalad ma'6arneee"

I grabbed the phone from his hand and deleted 3azeez quickly

" Shfeech intaaay mooo 9a7yaaa"

"shtabeee feeee waiii3 kilman hab o dab tsaweela add mooo 7ilwaa saloom"

I couldn't think of anything better to tell him

" hmmm 3adil kalamich"

I left sulaimans room and went back to mine.. tithakart inaaa layl7eeen maradayt 3ala 3azeez I kept thinking of a reply and the only thing that I came up with is that I should deny and act normal

ابيك وما ابيهم: hallaa 3azeez laaa a3tigid iniiik '3al6an la2na my phone is still with me o no one is using it yimkin you got mixed up with someone else

Abdulaziz Al x: wallaa bay3ita intay?

ابيك وما ابيهم: laa 3omree mabi3t telephone :p

Abudaziz Al x: '3areeba wallaa

ابيك وما ابيهم : eee 7adaa 7ataa anaa sta'3rabt :s

I think he bought it il7imdilla alla sitar 3alaaay

But the worse is yet to come

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Mistake (18)

I know it has been forever since I last posted I wanted to continue the story but I had alot of things going on

I hope that by the end of this month I can end it and then go back to finishing the end of the road I hope that you're still interested

Im sorry again and here goes a long post

أصبر ياقلبي وانتظر خل الحزن مكتوم
كل المعاني تغيرت واتضحت الصوره
صار الصدق في هالزمن مثل الوفا معدوم
ونفوسنا تجرحت والفرحه مكسوره
كل المبدىء تنشرى واللي معاه يسوم
حتى المشاعر ارخصت والكلمه مهدوره

3azeez and I have never been this close it's insane talking to him was a must!!! If I don't then he knows that something must be wrong.

I've never been this happy my whole life even though it was just msn I knew that he cared about me!

Every time he talks to me I have this wide goofy smile on my face and my knees get numb that I cant stand up for a long time and I get this weird feeling in my stomache you know the feeling that ur deeply and madly in love?

I've abandoned everyone... everytime I go to our usual thursday gathering my focus is only on the phone and nothing but the phone my aunts and grandmother iyg6oon na'3zat bas wain ilee ysma3....

Whenever I'm out with my friends they keep on complaining because I dont pay them any attention
The problem is that its not just me 7ata 3azeez! ohwa magam iy7ib y6la3 o kilaa mjablnee wiysowlif ma3ay I cant help it

I know what I'm saying is nonsense because ana bas ga3da akalma 3al msn and to many people msn relationships don't count because its just a fling but to us it wasn't anything like that we were dead serious

I fell for this guy even though I regret it sometimes because I know that I'll end up hurting him and hurting myself but I just cant get enough of him

kil yom ykbar ib 3aini akthat min ilee gabla
He got to know me even more lately the only thing that I cant tell him is my name! I don't know why bas manee gadra agoola isme...

shay ib 3agle ga3d iygole latgolenla ya 3thob tara bt7asifayn o shay ib galbe iygole goolela tara mayistahil inich itchathbeen 3alayh

This time I followed my mind and not my heart lets see where would it lead me

I was up at night talking to zeez and lets see what happened

'3alia: laa yal na7eeees wallaa inta tadree inee magdar ashoofik

3azeez: eee lesh ana abeech ti8ni3eenee

'3alia: la2na anaa kila a6la3 wiya omee o shlown ashofik itha ana ma3aha

3azeez: shda3wa '3alooy ana shbasawee bas bashofich o bamshee manee maklich

'3alia: inshalla babe ashoof itha gdart wagoolik :*

3azeez: 7ayaty intaay inzain add me on bbm

shfeeeh ilyoom madreee laysh m3alig ilaaa yabeee asawee shay that he knows I cant do

'3alia: 3azzeeezaan ana shnoo gilt gabil magdar

3azeez: shnoo intay kil magiltlich shay tgolenle magdar yala add mee

'3alia: 3azeez please walla magar law 5wanee wila omee iyshofonk tadre shiy9eer feenee

3azeez: lock your phone o change my name save me as nora 3aysha ay shay bas akoon 3indich o ana mara7 a7i6 9waree tara walla ma9a5naha o gazarnaha 3ala hal msn ma9arraat '3alooy

'3alia: inzain shlfarg bain msn o bbm mala da333ee ya3nii thnaynhom nafs ilshay

3azeez: laa '3aiir bbm agdar a7a9lich 6ol ilwagt moo nafs msn wayed t9eren offline yalla 3ad latrideenee

Madre laysh bas I was hesitant I had a very bad feeling about this bas I decided to not let him down once again

'3alia: okk 3ashanik bas

3azeez: 7aaaaaaaaaaayyyyaaaattyyyy intaaay yallaa na6er

'3alia: hehehehe okkk waiit

I had to change my bbm name 3ashan maystaw3ib...I changed it into a song adree halaga bas shasawee '3aliaa o 3ithoob were very different 7ata law ba7i6 nickname my friends and family byshikoon bilwa'63
I even removed my dp so that he couldnt get any idea about who I really am
My hands were shaking the whole time that I was typing his name chna eedee ga3da tgoolee latsaweenla add ya 3thoob taraa bt7asifayn bas samayt bilra7man o ta3awtht min iblees o I added him
He was the firt guy that I have added to bbm '3air 5wane o my cousins 6ab3an I always had this rule ina bbm was to be private and to the people that are really close and for now 3azeez is like the closest person to me fa ohwa kisar 8a3idat ina makoo shabab ib bbm

invite contact
invite by sending a PIN or email messages
to: *******
request sent

I checked my recent updates and
Abulaziz Al x is a new contact has appeared

Abdulaziz Al x: hallaaa o '3allaaa taww manawarr ba7laaa o a'3laaa '3alooyaa

ابيك وما ابيهم: mnaaweer feeek yal '3alyy

Abdulaziz Al x: ya3niii ana '3alyy?

ابيك وما ابيهم: o min '3airiik '3alyy

Abdulaziz Al x: laaa intaaay chthee btithbi7eenee

ابيك وما ابيهم: smilaa 3alaykkk 5alaa9 magoolik chthee 3ayal

Abdulaziz Al x: laaa goolaaay gooolaaay a7laaa thab7aa hatheee

ابيك وما ابيهم: hehehehehe :$

We forgot about msn and we turned to bbm,
but the only problem was that bbm was even more distracting than msn

a month has passed and I talked to 3azeez on bbm bas faj2a my blackberry 5tarab o i decided to move to an iphone magdart amsa7 3azeez cuz kan lazim asawee format 7ag il blackberry bas radayt 3ala msn o ohwa tifaham ilmaw'6oo3

madree sh6aree 3layh bas o5ooy sa2lnee itha my BB works o giltla ina faj2a 5tarab 3alay o gal ohwa biysaweela format o ya5tha 7aga
I didnt mind because he had to format it so all the contacts will get deleted o ana mt2akda ina mara7 y6la3la 3azeez again because ana gayla 7ag 3azeez ina mobili 5tarab o chthee

after a few weeks

3azeez: '3alooooooyyy

'3alya: halaa 3azeezan

3azeez: ana bas2lich your blackberry intay m'3ayrta?

'3alya: la mast5dma ana m7awla iphone laysh?

3azeez: la2na tawnee kint da bc o 6ala3lee ur name o itha you want to re-invite so I did o 6ala3lee wa7id ga3d iykalmneee isma Sulaiman Alx t3arfeeenaa