Monday, August 31, 2009

Do You Love Me?????

This is a conversation that went on between two lovers
Does such thing exist?

Galat: abee as2lik ti7ibneee??? abee as2lik ana bil nisba lik min akooon?????????

gilt: bajawbich o ti5ayelay bajawbich ib kil 9ara7a!!!!!!!!
ana mo bas a7ibich
ana mo bas a3shigich
ana feech majnooon
law beedee ma it3eesheen ib hatha il kown
law beedee a7i6ich wi96 il 3iyown
law beedee ma ti6i2 agdamich hal 2rth
law beedee asheelich ib ra7at iydaynee
wawa9lich mishaweerich wayn ma itkoon
wabneelich bayt min il 7anan wi'6loo3
washeel 3anich hal ham wamsa7 3an 5adich
hal idmoo3
wa5alee 7ayatich kilha fara7 o sa3ada o shijoon
inee a7sid ilee ma3ach yajlisooon
wa7sid i5wanich wahalich
wa7sid il malabis ilee ti'6imich
wa7sid il '6a7ka ilee tirtisim foog famich
7ata ib wagt il 7izin!!!!
a7sid il dam3a lay 6a7at fowg 5adich
lazem kil il nas yadrooooon
min tikooneen o min akoooon!!! lazem yadroon
inich ajmal mafeee il kown
la2nhom limostawach ma yow9loon 7ata law
yi7awloon...o law yigdiroon
l2nhom ma yiswon ish3ara min il 3iyonnn
gomar.... intay malak...intay lo2lo2 maknoon
intay ameera ta2mer wagool ya 3own
intay il wa7eeda ilee 3alay timoon
6ilbay il galb minee wil roo7 wil 3iyoon
kileee fidach....kilshay lich yihoon
fa ana insan ma ya3shag ib 3agil
yi3shag bijnooon
insan yimooot feech
o yaw3idich ma iy5ooon
insan yi7ibich 7ob il a6fal
shiftay il a6fal lay 7abaw shino iysawooon??
lay farigaw ileee iy7iboonhom
o lay ligaw ilee yi7ibooonhom
o law tiwali3aw ib shay
ma yitnazilown
lazim tadreen!!!!
inich 7ayateee o 7obeee o 3alameee
wil kown
intay bil nisba lee na'6r il 3iyoon
wana min doonich aysh akooon
bas ba6libich 6alab?
min insan feeech maftoon.. inich ma tis2leen mara thanya
sow2al izeedneee fowg jinoonee jinooon

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The End Of The Road (7)

I know that i said i wont be posting bas i got the chance to write so enjoy ;D

1 message recieved:
from: dalal
( I just saw Fawaz)
OMG she has'nt seen him since the day they decided to end things.. dalal and Fawaz were the perfect couple the great match i never thought that they would end up like this

1 message sent
(ni6reenee i'm coming to ur appartment)

Dalal point's of view

I just left the restaurant and was getting a taxi to head home when i saw fawaz he was with a girl which I suspect is his wife because he was holding a babey and he had both his hands wrapped around the babey, the babey looked so tiny compared to fawaz

I was shocked when i saw him because it's been over 2 years since I've seen him, Since i left him..

2 years 1 month and 5 days ago

I was at Lulu's house I was sitting in the living room with Lulu when Abdullah (Lulu's brother) decided to join us, he was older than me in 4 years so he was like my older brother I just loved being around abdullah because I can talk to him about anything and everything he's just like Lulu sweet, caring, and adorable so abdullah told us that he has a friend coming over it's not like i cared he usually meets up with his friends at the duwaniya....

but this time was different Abdullah brought his friend inside the house they past us and went to the other living room, I took a glimpse of them while they passed , his friend was so handsome he had wide eyes a thin long nose he was tall with the an amazing body he was perfect.

that's when i knew that was him that was the guy i've been waiting for my whole life that's the guy I've been dreaming of , I've found him I've actually found him I've found my other half and i was right.

I kept goig to Lulu's house more frequentley and so did fawaz , I've got the chance to sit with him i even got to talk to him he was amazing I was sure of him I was sure that he was the one that would make me happy the one that will brighten my day .

Things started to get more serious between us we took things step my step we got to know each other, he was mine and I was his , i got to know every detail in his life I even knew what kind of shampoo he uses and what kind of cigarrete he smokes I knew him very well.

He liked it when i put my hair up because It shows my face more clearley , we were meant to be he filled me

he treated me like a diamond that he doesnt want to scratch or break and he didnt scratch me or break me he kept me safe in a loveley velvet box that no one can touch.

He took care of me like no one did he knew when i was sad or happy OH GOD HE KNEW ME VERY WELL. the most happiest days of my life were when i was around Fawaz and he had that feeling too He truely loved me he wanted me he wasnt fooling around

Until the day came when he went to my dad and proposed and asked for my hand in marriage my dad has REFUSED and i was SHOCKED my dad said that he wasn't right for me that he wont provide me with what i want and that he wouldn't take care of me.

I couldn't take it anymore so I went to my dad and told him that Fawaz is perfect for me that fawaz is my other half and that he provided me with everything he provided me the love that Fawaz 3a6anee shay ma7ad yigdar ya36eenee iya which is his heart I told my dad that no one has taken care of me in a way that fawaz did

Bas lil2sf who would listen to me I was thinking emotionally and my dad was thinking about the money and wealth "Fawaz mo min mostawana" my father would repeat "obooh ma 3inda sharikat o 3imarat o floos mithilna ohma 3ala gad 7alhom" he would tell me and I didn't care if Fawaz was driving a Bentley or a Honda or if his house was a mansion or a cottage the only thing that mattered was that i would be with him and only him.

I cried, I cried thinking that there's no more late night texts that I wont be able to see him smile when I told him I loved him , I cried remembering that i wont be able to call him whenever I'm sad or depressed, I cried remembering that whenever I had good news he's the first person I would tell. I cried remembering that there's NO MORE FAWAZ that HE'S NOT MINE ANYMORE.

I gave Fawaz my heart and it was too late to get it back society has split us apart but I've never stopped loving him he's my first love, my only love, no one replaced him and no one will but unfortunateley he found his replacement and got married, but by the way he looked at me I knew that he still loves me I saw it in his eyes and that I own a special place in his heart that will never be removed

Friday, August 21, 2009

I'm So Sorry

I'm So Sorry bas i might not post during ramadan i know inee ma9a5t.ha bas shasaweee it's RAMADAN o there's no time tadroon shlown lowya o 7owsa so I'll try my best ;****


Imbarak 3alaykom il shahar o 3asakom min 3awadah ;**

wallah manee im9adga ina its ramadan it was too soon bas inshallah yin3ad 3alayna o 3alaykom ib kil 5ayr

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The End Of The Road (6)

adree inee 6awalt 3alaykom I'm so sorry
love u guys ;D

TI5AYILAW MINO SHIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

il i5t Nooor wiya this guy that i havent seen min gabil he had his arms around her shoulders o they were laughing wala k2na imsaween shay.. ya3nee taboon il 9ara7a kilish ma tiwaga3t.ha min Noor 9ij ina she is open minded o free bas 3omerha ma sawat.ha

6ab3an ana la itshoofooon my reaction ya3neee 9ij in9damt

Sindis: Hi Nooooor ( sawayt ro7ee 3adee wala k2na shay 9ayer)

Noor: oh hiiiiiiiiii sindis ta3alay ta3alay I would like u to meet my uncle he came to visit me

Sindis: ur uncle is this young?

Noor: eee ohwa akbar minee ib 2 years bas... 5aleee yousef this is sindis my friend

yousif: wa2a5eeran i met u sindis

haw shino 8a9da wa a5eeran

Sindis: Hi

Yousif: Hi shlownich?

Sindis: il 7imdillah

Yousif: wallah Nooroo tig3ad itsowlif 3anich 6oool il yowm

abaay shitgoool 3aneee Norooooo 3ind her uncle 3asa bas ma fashilatneeeee

Yousif: la it7ateen ma galat ila kil 5ayr

Sindis:hehehe (ya3neee mista7ya 3ishtaw)

the proffesor entered the class so her uncle had to leave and she came and sat right besides me

Sindis: bagoolich shay bas moo it3a9beeen!!!

Noor: golay yallah manee im3a9ba

Sindis: your uncle is HOOOTTTTT

Noor: haay intay ishfeech min wa7ed lay wa7ed tawich bitmooteen 3ala bader

Sindis:wayn 5alich 3ana min ziman

The class went by so slow kan 7ada malee8 il lesson o kilish ma kan lah da3eee all this confusion ya3nee they make stuff look so hard when actually there's nothing as simple after all we were dismissed a bit early so we decided to go get lunch

we sent the girls messages to tell them that we were going to josephs just incase they wanted to join us.. so when we were there the waiter took us to our table and we sat down he asked us about our drinks and left.. a few minutes later Yousif joined us

Yousif: il salam o 3alaykom

Noor: hi yousif tifa'6al

Sindis: wa 3alaykom il salam (not knowing what the hell is he doing here)

he took a seat right beside me ya3neee it was a bit awkward he coul've sat besides noor for insatance

Noor: tara ana giltla iyeee 3adee 9a7?

Sindis: ee ee akeed 3adee

after half an hour the girls joined us we really had fun ya3nee i didnt expect her uncle would be this nice and sweet 6ab3an Noor tells him everything about us cuz she's really close to her uncle he's more of a friend to her so there was no need to pretend we acted all normal it was like he knew us really well as if we have been with him for years.

you all know how josephs is it's always crowded and the tables are so close to each other that you could actually hear kil sowalef il other tables.. to my luck bader showed up with a couple of his friends i didnt notice him at the begining until he was approaching our table he looked amazing he was wearing a navy shirt with a pair of jeans he just looked gordgeous

Bader: il salam o 3alaykom

Everyone : wa 3alaykom il salam

Bader: Halaaaaa bo jasim shlownik

Yousif: hala feeek yal 7abeeb ish hal 9idfa il 7ilwa

Bader: shift ishlown

they hugged not the cheesy hug but hug il riyayeeel loool they talked for a bit and bader went to his table

So after all he approached the table to say hi to yousif... ya3neee i kind of thought he liked me in some kind of way he could've at least asked how i was or if i was fine, but nothing he didn't even look at me for gods sakes..

I did'nt think about it for too long i just sat at the restaurant and enjoyed my time we finished eating so we decided to order the check but fashla yousif has already taken care of it how sweet.

once we left the restaurant my mobile vibrated

1 message recieved: ......................................

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The End Of The Road (5)

My first day at Uni was actually exciting i met new people and all my proffesors were amazing except for one 6iradnee min his class just because kint ga3da agool 7ag dalal ta36eenee a pen 9ij na7eees. once i was done with uni i met up with the girls at starbucks got our orders and went to our appartements and to my surprise........

i found a huge bouqet of red roses there were more than a hundred roses in it and 6 boxes of different kinds of chocolates i was speechless there was a note hanging at my appartement door and it said:

Hi Sindis,

I'm so sorry about everything and i hope that u feel better i'll be checking on u every once in a while take care

p.s. i hope u like chocolates

Bader Al-Flani

6ab3an 6ab3an il i5t fajer ga3da itnagiz mo im9adga ina such men exist fa ra7at rakith itnadee il banat itraweeehom

Sindis: abay banat ish3arifa ib my address?

Dalal: laykoon ma36ita 3inwanich!

Sindis: l2 abay 5ara3nee iygool he'll be checking on me every once in a while

Dalal: HAHAHA ishda3wa 5ari3ach 3adee yimkin sa2al someone wila shay

Sindis: inzayn who could that someone be ya3nee ishdarahom 3anee!!

just then i my phone beeped indicating a message it said:
( Hey i just saw u walk in ur building so i guess u saw what i've sent i really hope that u liked it ;p)

OK i actually freaked out il banat la7i'6aw fa they grabbed my phone and read the message

Lulu: Sindisooooo ish3arifa ib ra8mich ba3ad o plz la itgooleenleee ma adree

Sindis:YAL MALEE8EEN mino ilee imsawee hal daga feenee akeed intay fajoor

Fajer: ana malee shi8il ma sawayt wala shay wala adree 3an shay

Sindis: inzayn inzayn shagoola il7een do i even reply?

Noor: haw ee akeed u have to reply

so ive sent him a message which said:
( is this bader and how do u know my adress and phone number? tabee il 9ara7a ur freaking me out!)

1 message recieved:
( yes this is Bader o I've got ur address and number min il hospital lama i was checking about u with the doc i saw ur papers and it had all ur contact information o I'm sorry i didn't mean to freak u out kint bas abee i surprise u ;D)

okay 7adee tiwahagt ma adree shino arid 3alay ya3nee maskeen i thought he was stalking me wila he was gonna creep into my room at the middle of the night and actually kill me bas he was just checking up on me i smiled to the message and showed it to the girls

kilihom thought that he was sweet except for lulu ya3nee 6ab3an she always thinks of the worst o 3a6atnee mo7a'6ara ish6oolha bas 3ashan itfahimnee ina he's just playing around 0o ana ba3ad fahamt.ha ina i don't have any feeling towards him i still don't even know him fa ishway ti6aminat.. tithakart ina i didn't reply 3ala his message fa

1 message sent:
(oh okay lool i thought u were stalking me wila something o tabee il 9ara7a kilmat ina u surprised me ishwaya o thank u 3ala everything u didn't have to do all of this ;D)

1 message received:
( ishda3wa i stalk u ya3nee hal wayhee yow7ee ina I'm a stalker o 3alaych bil 3afya a9lan hatha mo min gadrich tistahlayn akthar ;p)

isn't that the sweetest thing ever i showed Noor the message cuz she's the most understanding one o she told me ina he's the most perfect gentleman ever

1 message sent:
( lol l2 bas ya3nee to have someone know everything about u and u know nothing about them is kind of freaky in some way or another... allah iy3afeek tislam)

1 message received:
(ee ashwa shakakteenee ib 3omree 3abalee inee a5ari3 wala shay o allah iysalmich)

1 message sent:
( la ma kan 8a9dee chithee i was shocked o thanks again c u soon inshallah ;p)

I thought inee ma9a5t.ha fa 7awalt inee i close the conv between us asap

1 message received:
(oh ok lol.. o ur welcome again...inshallah)

and that was it i didnt even reply cuz mala da3ee i reply iy9eer k2nee la9ga o hate being that

the next day i woke up early to get ready 7ag Uni I was hoping to see him today even though my hopes were crushed yesterday but there might be a chance so i did the usual shower, make up, hair then it was time for clothing so i wore a dark pair of jeans wiya a pink blowza feeha ga9a ta7t il sader o its flowy i guess i looked good so i went to the living room 3ashan an6er il banat 3ala ma iy5al9oon and they were all surprised inee ga3da imbacher cuz i never wake up early and I'm always the last one to leave the apartment so once everyone was ready we headed to the Uni got are coffees and went to our classes once i entered the class i sat down at the last row cuz malee 5ilg this professor ohwa ilee 6aradnee way3 and to my surprise guess who entered the same class and with who?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


3indee a question;D
are my posts too short? ya3nee taboonee a6awilhom wila are they good?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The End Of The Road (4)

This post is dedicated to MT wallah ma agdar a3eesh bidoonich Love u ;*

i know that this post is short bas I'm so sorry i'm tired o abee anam ;p so i wrote ilee gidart 3alayh ;**

Bader si7ab il doctor bara so he could know what's wrong i sat in my place not knowing what's next. a few minutes later bader dash wiya il doctor both of them smiling at me i swear i was relieved but still i felt that there was something fishy

Bader: tara kil shay tamam u can relax now

Sindis: shlown i relax inta shift wayh il doctor ishlown kan

Bader: ee kan il nurses im5arbi6een bayn ur papers o bayn papers wa7da thanya o il7een kilshay ok

Doctor: I'm so sorry about the confusion but there was a major mistake that the nurses have made

Sindis: it's okay as long as I'm gonna be fine

Doctor: i can gladly tell u that we'll let u go in a couple of hours

Bader: thank u (while walking the doctor out)

Bader stayed for a few more minutes and had to attend his classes so he excused himself and left but before he left

after fifteen minutes fajer came and companied me

Fajer: ha shlownich al7een a7san?

Sindis: 6ab3an a7san kil ma ashoofa a9eer a7san FAJOOOOR IYANIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sindis: wallah yaleee o yablee flowers o chocolates ba3ad :D

suddenley o bidoon mo8adimat dar3imaw il banat without even knocking o awal ma dashaw fajoor 9ari5at : banat li7gaw 3ala sindis tara kilyowm 7abeeb il galb iyeey o yayeb ward o choclates hahaha


Sindis: YANAYTAY INTAY shino he kisses me (my face turned red )

the girls laughed and joked while we packed my stuff and left. we went straight to the mall to have some lunch. I had mushroom rissoto and the girls had pizza and some other stuff when we were done we all headed to our appartements. i went in took a shower wore my pjs and slept like a baby.

the next day fajer woke me up to get ready for my officially first day in uni so i jumped out of bed went straight to the shower then brushed my teeth did my hair and went to my dressing room i wanted to look good no i wanted to look great, to say the truth i was hoping that i would actually see him today i dont actually know why i just want to see him. so i chose to wear a white flowey dress that was amazing and an emerold green headband with matching shoes and bag i put on some light natural makeup and some perfume and left the room

fajer: ish hal kash5a kila 7ag il 7abeeb hehehe

Sindis: l2 shakoo 3ashan my first official day ib uni

lulu: bagoolich shay sindis intay tara tawich u met him o mat3arfeen 3ana shay o tara kil hal ashya2 ilee sawaha mo 3ashan ina he likes u 3ashan he feels sorry i know i'm being harsh bas that's the truth.

typical lulu always being the caring one and the most understanding one, what she said has crushed my hopes but she was actually right he dosnt like me what would he actually like about me.

we walked to uni because it was just down the street and offcoarse to my luck i didnt see him he was no where to be seen so kil hal kash5a went to waist ;(