Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Mistake (13 b)

'3alia: ee?

3azeez: hal bint ihya intay...

I was shocked I was seriously shocked I blushed I felt goose bumps all over my body madree yimkin la2naa its the first time any guy has ever said that to me wila la2na the fact that he really liked me or even loved me I'm not sure what it was but I swear it was one hell of a feeling.

But he knows ana moo chthee o ana I know ina I can't take any futher steps all I kan do is talk to him on msn my morals don't allow me I wasn't raised in a community that allowed boys in my life, I know that even talking to him on msn was a mistake a big one bas ileee 9ar 9ar

Ya3nii bil bidaya kint a7asb ina il salfaa '6i7ik o wanasaa bas I think glibat jad il7eeen let's just wait and see I hope he's not serious..

'3alia: 3azeez bas i7na itifa8na ina we just stay friends!

3azeez: adree walla adree bas shasawee ya3nee I can't control my feelings

'3alia: bas ana magdar a36eek ilee tabee

3azeez: I know I'm not expecting anything '3alia

I felt so bad ya3niii 9ij how can he control his feelings bas waiit waiit he's a guy o most guys li3eeba fa la9adgaa a7sanleee for now la9adig alla yaster inshallaa it all turns out well

( Adreee my posts wayed g9aar bas ba7awil gad ma agdar I post now I posted gabil class o inshallaa I post il3a9er or bilayl :D)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Mistake (13a)

A month has passed and we were inseparable we talked all day and night he would sleep while talking to me I would get upset but he has his way into making up for what he did

Every night! Literally every night he sleeps while I'm talking to him I got thr hang of it so I stopped getting upset.

When he's at work he couldn't use his phone all the time I would be at school fa 3adii he would leave work at 1:30 I talk to him from then

3azeez: ilyowm guess minoo biyeeey iyzoorna???

'3alia: mino?

3azeez: intaay guess!

'3alia: dandoon!!!!

3azeez: EEEEEEE
( Dunaa is the cutest thing ever mashallaaa she's chubby o itshawiiig she's only 3 o walla a7la yahiiil shift,ha I'm so inlove with her!!)

'3alia: may9eeeeer :'( abeeee ayeeey azooorkoom

3azeez: ta3alaaay wallaaa 3adii agool 7ag omee inich rifeejat saroon
( Sara is his nephew he's very close wiyaha she's like his best friend cuz the age difference is only a year china )

'3alia: hehehehehe laaaa fashlaaa shakooo

3azeez: wallaaa 3adii

'3aliaa: laa 3azeezaan 7adaa fashlaa

3azeez: hehehehe madree kayfich

'3alia: anaa a9laan 3ala yowm ib tilga dunaa mabyooga min baitkom moo ilaa tdig 3al shr6aa tilgahaa 3indee

3azeez: laaaaa i5thaaay ay a7ad min il yahaaal ileee dandoon hathee il '3alyaa walla msawyaa jaww 3indinaa

'3alia: maleee shi'3iil wallaaa abeeeha :(

In the evening he talked to me

3azeez: '3alooya

'3alia: hallaaa

3azeez: '3alia tathkireen mara giltlich 3an bint wayed ib 5a6ree o a7ibha o widee agoolaha bas madree shlown agolaha?

'3alia: ee?

3azeez: '3alooya hal bint ........

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Mistake (12)

I know its been a very long time since I've posted bas kaaa a post o inshallaaaaa itshofona long cuz 6awalt wana aktiba
Enjoyyy o sorry 3al ta25eer again :***
Most of the convos Ive copied and pasted so itha fee any spelling mistakes 6awfaw please ;p

I think he's trying to tell me something by being indirect

laa laa laaa matwa8a3 3aneee I don't want to keep my hopes up and he knows I would never be that type of girl

'3alia: ee goolaha

3azeez: agoolich mo now3ha a5af agolaaha she doesn't think of me nafs gabil

'3alia: wait for the right time 3ayal

3azeez: hatha ilee biy9eer

He didn't mention that girl again o ana mayibt 6aree il maw'6oo3

Something that 3azeez and I had in common and we both adored was swimming and the sea we both loved the sea we adored it both of us wouldnt mind living in the middle of it

It was around october I was at home and he was at work

'3alia: 3azeeeezaan

3azeez: 3yoona

'3alia: :$ hehehehe 3azeeez abeee arooo7 il ba7ar mayta abee asbaa7

3azeez: tabeeen americh awadeech

He knew what my answer would be but he wanted to try his luck this time

'3alia: wain twadene?

3azeez: akoo mokan ana kila aro7la ma7ad iydila il ba7ar minaaak 5ayaal o bas fee ajanib ya3nee ta5theen ra7tich o ma7ad iyshoofich

He told me the name of the place but I dont want to mention it

'3alia: wadayt a7ad min gabil?

3azeez: ee my ex

Madree laysh bas i felt offended ya3nee madree gimt ma7ib lama he tells me things like that

'3alia: oohh o tsbi7oon ya3nee 3adii jdam il nas?

3azeez: eee 7ada 3adii o kanat talbis bikinii ba3ad

Hneee 3a9abt like seriously that's not something that you should've said

'3alia: mmmmm

3azeez: shino mmmm

'3alia: bas mmmm

3azeez: matabeen awadeech ?

'3alia: u know i cant

3azeez: ee adree adree

One time I was going to leave for lunch with my mom and cousins so I told him

'3alia: zeeez

3azeez: halaa

'3alia: ba3ad shway baroo7 at'3ada bara wiya my mom o cousins

3azeez: wain?

'3alia: 360

3azeez: bayey

'3alia: laysh?

3azeez: abee ashoofich

'3alia: laa 3azeez plzz magdar

3azeez: alla iy5aleech '3alia bas bashoofich mn b3eed walla magarib bas abee a3arif shaklich

'3alia: bas magdar ma3ay omee o I know my expressions ra7 yf'6i7oone ya3nee omee btla7i'6 o ana magdar tshoofnee inta tadree ina magdar

3azeez: ok 5ala9 many yay

'3alia: plz lat3a9ib walla magdar ya3nee law agdar chan 5alaytik tshoofne bas ana magdar plzz ifhamnee

3azeez: ok i get it mo m3a9ib

'3alia: lool 5owsh dagra

3azeez: shako

'3alia: madree radik yadger

3azeez: laa walla shakoo :*

He asked to see me a couple of times o each time I give excuses lets hope he doesnt ask again because im kind of running out of excuses.....