Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Mistake (4)

Awal ma shift what he sent nigazt o tiraba3t on the couch I got a bit excited

'3alia: Im watching TV

3azeez: ay 8anat?

'3alia: fox movies

3azeez: la7'6a 5an 7i6 3alayh

'3alia: ok :p

3azeez: allaa 3ad hatha 5owsh film 8aweey!

'3alia: ee wayed 7iloo

We chatted while were watching the movie sometimes in3ali8 3ala the actors o sometimes naskit shway nindimij bil film

madreeee shyab il 6areee bas he asked me

3azeez: intay ib 3ila8a?

in9damt shway ya3ne hathee awal mara ib 7ayateee ilee akalim walad 7atan law msn ya3nee wala mara tijara2t o sawayt hal shay it was something new to me

'3alia: la2 never was in a relation ship and never will be

3azeez: good

'3alia; laysh good?

3azeez: la2na a7sanlich chithee walla shlich bil relationships

'3alia: ee adree a7san a9lan ana I dont believe in them

3azeez: laysh?

'3alia: ya3nee there's no such thing as gf bf itha ana 9ij abee a7ib abee a7ib the guy that I'll marry

3azeez: 3adil kalamich

'3alia: inta 7abayt?

3azeez: ee martayn wilbajee kila al3ab 3alayhom

'3alia: ahaa

3azeez: awal wa7da 7abayt,ha 5anatnee o thanee wa7da 7abayt,ha galatlee ina in5a6abt o bitizawaj fa 8arart inee mara7 a7ib ba3adha

when I heard this I felt releived we could just be friends 9a7? eee 9a7! la2na la ana wala ohwa nabee in7ib fa faka a7sanlina chithee

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Muffy cake

Muffy Cake

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Part 3

'3alia: hmmmmm '3areeba

3azeez: ee walla madree shfeee

Ba3dayn 3ad salfa gamat tis7ab salfaa sowlafna shway he found out that I was 16 at that time o ina I was still in high school I didn't lie about anything well except for my name 6ab3aaab magiltlaa il 9ij 3an my name wala giltla which school did I go to ;)

I found out that he was 3 years older than me bas he works o his father died a few years ago (alla yir7ima) o his mom means the world to him he has a big family 10 siblings kilhom akbar minaa ila wa7id a9'3ar o his mom mashalla took the responsibilty by her self.

Staw3abt inee sowlaft wayed fa I had to excuse myself giltla ina my mom tabeeneee o that was a lie bas makint abee asowlif ma3a akthar min chithee la2neee ma9alee cham sa3aa imsowlfa ma3a chinee a3arfa min 3asher sneeen

Madree laysh bas eedee gamat it7iknee I wanted to talk to him so bad I'm not sure if I was attracted to his personality wila I just had some time to spend.

I wanted to fight my urge and not to talk to him that night 3ashan ma9eer lazga o I did 5alayt my phone on the side o kint mindamja a6ali3 some random movie on the tv wila my phone vibrates

I opened it wila

3azeez: shino ga3da itsaween?

Friday, July 2, 2010

post or no post?

Heey everyone adree 6awalt bas taboon I post? O eee tara I type min my phone fa 3ithroonee 3al badliyat :p