Friday, September 6, 2013

A Mistake (25)

عقب البطا تنشد عن الحال ياشوق

...................انت الذي عقب البطا وش جابك

Aziz was back from London, the shocking news was that I found out from twitter and not from him.

I sent him a text welcoming him back even though he doesn't deserve it

I received a reply from him telling me that he misses me and he's sorry for neglecting me.

This time I ignored him

My phone started flashing indicating a phone call but again i didn't answer him

miss call wara ilthani wana maska nafsii

9araw 6 chan  ajawb

Aziz: 3ithoob?

3ithoob; Aziz

Aziz: ولهان ولهااان ويحقلي اوله

he sang this line to me and I started crying he heard my sobs through the phone and started to calm me down

Aziz: 3ithoob 7ayaty asif wallaa asif adri ini mga9er b7agch o nadman gad sha3ar rasi alla ykhalech bas
may9er ashof dam3a tanzil mnch tkfain latabchen tara ga3da tga63en galbi

I couldnt stop I don't know what has gotten into me but Aziz my Aziz was back I can feel it from his voice from  the way he talked the words he used to calm me down, but why now what happened when he wasnt in kuwait.

3ithoob: laish Aziz ana shsawait 3ashan tsawi feni chithi
I told him in between my sobs

Aziz: Madrii shyani 3ithob bil coarse makint abi aklm a7ad kint karih kilshai adrii mali 7ag bs wala 7asait ib geemtch o magdar maklmch I know ini i hurt you bas walla hal shai makan beedi sam7eni o inshalla ba3awthch o btshofen

3ithoob: inshalla

I swear after that phone call it was like I took someone and replaced him with someone else Aziz has become the perfect guy! you know the men you read in love novels and never think they exist Aziz has become a character from a love story  he cared again he called me almost 3 times a day to ask about me , he was the first one I talked to when I wake up and the last when I wanted to sleep.
It was too good to be true..


N.T said...

Finally ❤❤❤❤❤welcome back

Red said...

Eee wallaa finally! Thank you ;**

Anonymous said...

Posstt soon! :(