Friday, July 5, 2013

Should I Continue?

Dear readers,
 its been a while since I last posted! i am truely sorry, I've been thinking about ending the stories! but which one would you like me to end first?

With love,


Anonymous said...

They're all amazing!! End them in any order u like♥xx

Anonymous said...

All your stories are amazing we are waiting for the endings ,,, cant wait


Anonymous said...

Yes pleaaaaaase !!!

shadan said...

Can you end "a mistake" first? I love them both !! You're an amazing writer, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Yes please! Both your stories are amazing! But I vote for A Mistake to end first. In my opinion its better to end it first before we forget the new one "A Mistake" like the old one cause I really forgot it. Anyway I hope you agree with me. And thank you for your amazing posts its really amazing, I LOVED IT. May god bless you to were ever you go xox

- your silent reader.

Anonymous said...