Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Mistake (24)

لو كنت أستطييع آنْ لآ أحْبـك ,لفعلتْ

His Birthday was coming up there is no way to wish him a happy birthday unless I call him, So it was 20/9 and aziz's birthday is on the 21st, I waited till the clock strinked 12 and called him immdiatly
I called once
three times
And all I could hear was the machine repeating the same words that "the mobile is switched off or is out of the coverage area"
Now what? his bb was off as well so he couldn't receive anything on bbm or whatsapp. I got so frustrated how could he keep his phone shut the whole time he's there.
He would've atleast get an english sim card and connect the bbm, but who am I to tell him.
I decided to send him a whatsapp maybe he'll just connect his phone to the wifi

 تمنيت أكون أول من يهنيك
وأكون فهاليوم منك قريب بس شاءت
الأقداروكل واحد منافطريق
مدري من السبب أنا ولاّ إنت بس اللي أعرفه
كل واحد منا عن الثاني بعيد
حبيبي أنامانسيت وبهاليوم الشمع ضويت
ولما جا الوقت طيفك هنيت
كل عام وانت بخيرترى والله لك حنيت
الله يحفظك ياأغلى من حبيت

kil 3am winta ib alf 5air ya a'3la aziz bil dinya 3ogbal il 10000 sina inshala o tkon hal sina sinat 5air o sa3ada o ayamik kilha fara7 mithil ma inta 5air 3alay 7awalt ati9il bas your phone is off all I can do is send you this ma3ina shwaya 3alayk bas shasawee mabede shay I hope your having fun and happy birthday 7ayaty, and just to let you know that I miss u :(
oo أَحبك لـو كل الَنَاسْ عـارضـونِــــي

There was no response from Aziz, Even though he read it, he didnt reply in other words aziz ignored me when I wished him all the best! I gave up on him i"m giving him my all and he's not willing to give me a couple of minutes from his time. How come he doesnt misss me when all I do is miss him? ma akser 5a6ra 7ata? ma3goola akoo nas yt'3ayirown chthee?  
أكثر مآ يؤلمني هو آنك تعلم أني كل ما آكتبه يقصدك وآنت مآزلت تقرأ ﺑصمت

Days passed by so slowly I couldn't wait till he gets back here so that I get things cleared up with up. I am fed up this time I am not backing out I have to confront him! atleast I could move on I just need an answer to whats going on!
غيابك حكايه تُحزن اوقاتيَ ..


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Thankk youu 3al post bas wallaaaa soooo SO short;(((( I was looking forward to a longer one plzz post another one elyoum;p other than that I LOVED IT!!! Thankk uuuu again!!;*****!!<3333

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Pleeease posstt !! Will she tell him how she felt!!!!? Ma7beet 3zeezz !!