Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The End Of The Road (11)

inshallah I'll be posting more frequenteley ;D
enjoy ;****

The girls joined us again and as soon as they joined us Yousif closed the subject o i didnt mention anything to Noor cause i didn't want to scare her because it was so random of 't kknowYousif he never mentioned anything before about leaving, I'm not sure maybe he's in some kind of trouble and needs help I really dont know

We went to the appartement talked for a bit and then decided to sleep because we had uni the next day

so i was sitting facing the mirror the room was dark only the table lamp was switched on I was watching my reflection and observing my smile while suddenley my tooth suddenley fell OUCH that actually hurt there wasnt any blood nothing then all my teeth started to fall out what is wrong with i saw myself in the mirror and all I saw was a scary reflection

I jumped up from my bed running straight to the mirror fearing what i just saw "ista'3forallah ista'3forallah bismillah bismillah" thank god it was just a dream,

I was terrified i knew that something bad was gonna happen earlier today I felt it,and now the dream ya rab mako ila il 3afya the room was dark I couldn't see a thing the only thing that was showing was the light beeming from under the door

I stayed in bed not knowing what to do my head was gonna explode from thinking I was literally shaking fearing of whats gonna happen next I cant handle it anymore so I decided to go sit in the living room wila alga Noor ga3da

Sindis: Noor shfeech laysh layl7een ga3da?

Noor: ma feenee il nowm kint ga3da afaker

Sindis: ishfeech feech shay?

Noor: madree kint ga3da afaker ib Yousif

that was what i was feared of I knew that something was wrong with him

Sindis: laysh shfee Yousif

Noor: 9ar insan thanee wayed he cares o wayed yig3as ma3ay o he spends alot of time talking to me o telling me everything

Sindis: bas laysh ur thinking about it, it's a good thing ur building up a great relationship with ur uncle

Noor: I know it's a good thing bas what made him change!! 9ij ina i7na close bas il7een he's been here for 3 months o shakla ba3ad im6awil

Sindis: don't even think about it il mohim it's for the best 9a7 ur both enjoying each others company

Noor: I guess ur right yimkin im just exageratting a bit

Sindis: yalah shrayich ingoom inam

Noor: ee yallah cuz ta3abt

each one of us headed to her room lost in her own thoughts i was thinking of the dream and Noor was thinking of her uncle.

We slept for a few more hours then Fajoor knocked the door

Fajer: Sindis gimtay wila not yet

Sindis: la gimt kanee

I went to the bathroom showered brushed my teeth and did my hair and guess who popped in my mind BADER!!!!!!! ya3nee shako min wayn 6ala3lee hatha so i decided to look good today and forget about the dream and everything applied some make up not to muh but just the morning make up very light and natural then went to change I had a dress in mind it was a short blue flew dress that looked so good and it was comfy

Once we all finished we headed to uni together Reema was sleeping so we prepared her some breakfast and left

I finished my first class and had an Hour break so i decided to get me some starbucks coffee while i was getting my order i saw Bader entering he saw me and had a Huge smile on his face i smiled back and went and sat in the nearest table that i can find he took his order and decided to join me without even asking

Bader: Sindis shlownich

Sindis: uuuum il7imdillah (with a shocked look)

Bader:3adee ag3ad 9a7!!

Sindis: inta a9lan ga3adt o ee 3adee

Bader: shlown il dirasa wiyach?

Sindis: wallah zaina il 7imdillah inta shlownha wiyak

Bader: wallah ana mashee il 7al abee as2lich so2al momkin?

Sindis:ee tfa'6al

Bader: itnay shlown it3arfeen yousif?


Sindis: yousif 5al Noor

wayha iy'6a7ik 7ada tifashal

Bader: haa eeee eeee 9a7 9a7 ok

Sindis: laysh tis2al? ( 7adee 3a9abt o tinarfazt)

Bader: ummm laaa bas l2na a3arfa o ummm chitheee

Sindis: it was nice talking to u bader bas ana lazem aroo7 my class ib yabdee il7een

Bader: iy9eer awa9lich!!!

Sindis: ummm ee kayfik

so we went to uni hand in hand enjoying each others presense..................................................................................................
la la shda3wa tawnee mitnarfiza mina i was just day dreaming shwaya
wa9alnee layn my class and off he went I dont know if I still like him china shway malee8!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The End Of The Road (10)

I'm so sorry inee gimt a6awel 3alaykom :(
I hope inkom istanastaw bil 3eed o enjoy ;**


Dalal:ha shfeech

Noor: shino ish9ayer!!

Sindis: reeeemaaa ib tiyey next week

Lulu: 7ILFAY

Sindis: walllah wallah tawa dagat 3alay galatleee

Fajer: alllllaah wanasa biy9eer nafs ayam high school

Sindis: inzayn shraykom bacher inroo7 nishtiree a'3ra'6 7ag her room

we actually have an extra room for reema because she has promised us that she's gonna visit every now and then

Fajer: okay bacher saturday fa we have all day to enjoy

Sindis: ee ok il mohem we get everything ready because her room is empty

Dalal: ee ee 5ala9 bacher we start shopping

we decided to head home so yousif walked us to our appartement to make sure that we were fine and then went to the hotel

that week was hectic we got everything ready we furnished her room with the bed cabnits curtains some paintings do decorate the room everything was ready the room looked so good the walls were purple because it was her favorite color and there was a medium sized pink chandelier hanging the room was perfect for reema

It was the day that reema was arriving so we decided to go pick her up from the airport so kina kilina ga3deen nan6erha ti6la3 o yowm i6la3at abay 9ar il ma6ar 3aza kilina we were crying o hugging her o sawayna mana7a everyone around us were looking at us in a funny way, l2na we were always together 7atan bil summer we would all decide 3ala the same country so that we would beg our parents to spend the summer there never did we leave each other for more than 2 weeks and we havent seen reema for 3 months fa it was kind of hard

Reema: 7adeee walaht 3alaykom

Fajer: i7na akthar

Noor: kila minich intay il wa7eeda ilee tabeen tadriseen ib AUP

Reema: 7aram 3alaych ya3nee shasawee il major ilee abee mo mawjood ib ur university

Lulu: nooroo shfeech kalayteeha tara tawha il bint wa9la

Noor: ok 5ala9 sorry

Sindis: Reema ta3bana wila tabeen troo7een titmashayn

Reema: la mo ta3bana yallah imshaw intimasha 7adee i missed london o their food i7na ib paris china 6areena minhom il plate ishkobra o kila 5alee ma tilgayn ila bil no9 7a6eenlich a9'3ar akla bil 3alam

Sindis:HAHAHAHA hathee faydat london a7san shay feeha il akil

Reema: eeee wallah yallah 7adee yow3ana

so we took her to wugamama o kan shway za7ma bas mo nafs il summer shlown l2 shway a5af yousif has joined us offcoarse and he already knew reema min il kuwait they met once we finished dinner and were going for a walk all the girls went with reema for a bit of shopping and i walked with yousif cuz kan malee 5ilg shopping

Yousif: Sindis please i want you to take care of Noor

Sindis: haw Yousif ish hal kalam offcoarse I'll take of her bas why are you saying this!!

Yousif: ma tadreen what life has hidden for us fa if im not here please ma awa9eech 3alayha

Sindis: inshallah mako ila il 5ayr o la it7ateee noor i5tee

Yousif: mashkoora inich 6amanteenee

He kind of scared me i felt that something was wrong my stomache started to hurt and my heart started to ache i know that something bad was gonna happen bas madree shino ohwa allah yaster

Saturday, September 19, 2009

3eedkom imbarak ;***

3eedkom imbarak o 3asakom min 3awadah omg i cant believe how ramadan 6af ibsir3a hal sina inshallah yin3ad 3alaynah o 3alykom next year o kil year

Friday, September 11, 2009

The End Of The Road (9)

got the chance so enjoy ;* o i hope it's long enough

"Okay dont panic it's fine " i kept telling myself

OMG OMG he saw me waaaaaaay shasawee 6ala3t my mirror min my bag to check if i looked good wila l2 taboon il9ara7a i5tara3t mn shakleee ya3nee shino hatha fa 6ala3t my make up bag in5ashayt wara dalal o applied anything i could get out

a9lan il movie mo mal guys ya3nee what has brought him here

Bader: ha yousif ishlownik?

Yousif: hala bader wallah tamam int ishlownik?

Bader: ib 5ayr allah iysalmik, gowa sindis shlownich?

abaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay yal fashla ishbiygool 3anee yousif

Sindis: aaa amm zain ammmm inta shlownik?

Bader: il 7imdillah yallah 3ayal ana asta2then faman ilah

Yousif: famanin kireem

7adeee iftishalt o yousif in9idam ina ana i know bader imbayin cuz 3a6ana na'6rat

dalal: hahahahaha shiftay shaklich??

Sindis: siktay siktay allah iy5aleech bas ta3alay lay hal daraja shaklee i5ari3???

Dalal: tabeen il 9ara7a? eee

Sindis? laaaaaaaaaaaaaa la itgooleeen way3 way3 hatha min wayn 6ala3leee ya3nee ma liga il hal movie 3ashan iyeela?

a9lan yousif gashee 3alayna min il '9i7ik cuz ashkalna itfashil

Yousif: hahahahahaha min 9ijkom bichaytaw hahahaha

Noor: 5alee plz tara mo wagtik ana broo7ee il girl kasra 5a6ree

Yousif: tara mo 9ij film wallah film intaw 3ala ay shay tabchooon

Noor: eeeee ba3ad shino wallah its sad

Yousif: Sindis intay it3arfeen bader?

I was actually shocked by his question

Sindis: ha ee ya3nee ohwa ma3ay bil jam3a o chithee

7adee tiwahagt madree shagool ya3nee itha giltla ina he used to send me stuff everyday o i have his number what would he actually think of me

Yousif: mmm ok

1 message recieved
from: Bader
" la tabcheen tara il dinya ma tiswa :p"

awwwwwwww isn't he the sweetest

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"loooooooool inshallah i'll try not to cry again ib sad movies"

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"7atan when u cry u look cute"


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" thank u i guess"

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" ur welcome ;D"

Sindis: Nooroo noorooo ta3alay

Noor: ha shtabeen

Sindis: tawa bader galee ina shaklee 7ilo 7atan wana abchee hehehehe

Noor: hatha ishfee yan!!

Sindis: madree madree thak il yowm mo ma36eenee wayh o il yowm iysalim il 7imdillah wil shiker inzayn yal fashla shiftay shlown yousif 5azna

Noor: la tara ohwa kila chithee he dosn't mean it

Sindis: akeed???

Noor: ee wallah

my mobile started flashing

"Reema calling"

i answered the phone



Sindis: ANA AKTHAR waynich min ziman u didn't call wala shay

Reema: I know bas wallah i had a summer coarse fa kint 7adee lowya ba3dayn my family came to vist shasaweee I'm so sorry

Sindis: oh allah iy3eenich inzayn mita ra7 tiyeen london itzooreena

Reema: that's why I actually called bayeekom next week 3ashan ma 3indee any classes for the next couple of months

Sindis: 7ILFAAAYYY!!!!!

Reema: wallah

Sindis: i cant wait

Reema: me too wallah inzain ana il7een i got to go talk to u soon

Sindis: Ok yallah bye

7ada wanasa Reema was also one of are close friends min high schoool she studies abroad ib AUP o we really missed her since she's the only one who wanted to study ib Paris i guess il shila ib tiktimil next weeek

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The End Of The Road (8)

Il yowm 9irt fa'6ya fa gilt why not write a post its a long one so enjoy ;D

I told fajer that dalal saw fawaz she freaked out as well so we took the first cab we could find and went to dalal's appartement she was expecting us so she oppened the door from the first couple of knocks...

she looked so sadher face was pale, she looked exactley the same way as the day she left him, I hugged her the instant i entered the appartement she didn't shed a tear, she didn't cry nothing she was calm and quiet she has always been the strongest one of us.

I felt sorry for her, that wasn't supposed to happen she wasn't supposed to see him, she told us that he was with his wife and kid.

The girls and I have actually heard of his marriage, he got married about a year ago, but we didn't mention anything to dalal we knew it will break her so we kept it as a secret that is now revealed

Sindis: dalal I'm so sorry

Dalal: don't be law mo shayfita il yowm chan shift ib ay yowm thanee

Fajer: 7abeebtee 5ala9 3adee mako ila il 3afya

Dalal: adree ina 3adee il7imdillah 3ala everything

Sindis: ee wallah il 7imdillah

Dalal: I never knew that I was this strog ma tiwaga3at inee I'd react this way, he has a baby boy he named him ahmad 3ala his father o his wife's name is Lamya

Fajer: intay ishdarach????

Dalal: ohwa galee when i saw him today


Dalal: ee it9adgeen madree laysh o shlown i just did I actually missed him, His oice was the same he looked the same, He did't change a bit, his baby was so adorable he had his fathers eyes they were brown and wide the exact same as fawaz's eyes they were just amazing

Fajer: intay shlown ba3ad shiftay il yahel tara dowdahteena

Dalal: I held him i held the baby that was suppossed to be mine that was supposed to be ours me and his not him and Lamya

Sindis: hatha ilee allah katba likom o la iti7asifay cuz everything happens for a reason ma tadreen yimkin 5eera

Fajer: 9a7 kalam sindis ma tadreen o il7een its been over 2 years life goes on

Dalal: 9a7 kalamkom life does go on

Sindis: inzain ishrayich inroo7 we get some selfridges brownies

Fajer: eeeeeeeeeee ana 7adee mishtahyathom

Dalal: la la ana malee 5ilg aroo7 mokan intaw roo7aw o ana ban6irkom

Sindis: 3an il dala3 o yallah imshay intay itmooteen 3alayhom

Dalal: a9lan ishda3wa il maw'6oo3 beedee il salfa '3a9bin 3alay

Fajer: madam tadreeen laysh you reject min il first place

Dalal: madree gilt yimkin akser 5a6erkum bas shakla ma minkom fayda

we all laughed and headed to selfridges to get the most amazing brownies ever we went to the bakeries corner they were in a basket we bought them then left

we decided to walk on the way back to the appartement because it wasn't far away from selfridges 15-20 minutes walking the weather was so encouraging it was amazing as usual cloudy but a bit sunny with a cool breeze hitting us every now and then we saw Noor and Yousif on the way back she's actually spending alot of time with him ya3nee they are close bas mo lay darajat ina ti6la3 ma3a 24/7 il mohem ina she's having fun wallah i like Yousif he's so funny kila iynakit o yit'3ashmar he doesn't take life so seriously and that's what makes him great

Yousif: ana abee a3arif kil mayeetkom london ashoofkom tishtiroon min hal brownies ya3nee shino feehom '3ayr? lay hal daraja 7ilween??


Yousif: wallah laysh?

Fajer: ako a7ad iyey london o ma yakel min hal brownies

Yousif: NOOROO laysh wala mara gilteelee ajaribhom

Noor: wana ishdaranee ma tiwa8a3t inik mo imjaribhom

Yousif: 3ala il agal s2lay act as if you care

Sindis: ana i've bought 6 bags ra7 i give u 1

Yousif: ola yal bala3a shino 6 bags

Sindis: shino??? inta shift ish9i'3er il bag awal

Yousif: ee il wa7ed fee 4 madree 6 pieces ishda3wa 3alaykom kilikom takloon hal kither

Fajer: ee ba3ad shino they're good ma nishba3 minhom

Noor: 5aleee inta thooghom awal ba3dayn gool

Yousif: ok ok yallah ka il7een athoog

Noor: ha ishrayik (before he puts it in his mouth)

Yousif: bismillah wallah 7atan ma 7a6ayt.ha ib 7aljee

Noor: ee yallah ibsir3a nabee in3arif rayik

Yousif: WAAYY3 shino hatha shlown taklooon mina 6 bags

Sindis: ma3jibak??????

Yousif: l2

Dalal: 9ij?

Yousif: la at'3ashmar wallah 3ajeeb hatha wayna min ziman chan il7een im6ay7eeen feeh kil hal moda

Noor: ashwa wallah law mo 3ajbik yi6la3 ma 3indik thoo8 bil akel

Yousif: ishda3wa ishda3wa they're just brownies wallah intaw you make a big deal 3ala ashya2 malha da3ee

Noor: ee ok ok 3adal intaw kil ur conversations 3an cars o soccer

Sindis: Inzain who's up for shopping?

Noor,Dalal and Fajer agreed so Yousif came along we had some major shopping to do cuz winter was on its way we called Lulu 3ashan 7aram she was all alone ma tadree ina kishatna feeha so yatna later on we went to the shops at oxford street awal we entered each and every store all the girls shopped maskeen Yousif he was our bag holder for the day shal kil our bags ba3dayn kisar 5a6erna so whenever we bought anything else we asked the shop to send our stuff straight to our appartement

I found out that Yousif actually has good taste in clothing he helped us alot during shopping It was actually fun having a guy that has the same taste as you do ya ba5t ilee ib ta5tha

Sindis: yousif I have this question that i wanted to ask you min awal ma bidayna shopping bas a5af la ta5ith a wrong empression!!

Yousif: si2lay bas wallah bidaytay it5ar3eenee

Sindis: are you gay?

Yousif: HAHAHAHAHAHA what made you think that i'm gay?

Sindis: l2na thow8ik iy3agid

Yousif: o shino only gay people thow8hom 7ilo ya3nee?

Sindis: ee ya3nee awal mara ashoof rayal 3inda thow8

Yousif: la youba I'm not gay bas allah iy3afee noor kila ma5thatnee ma3aha il soog fa yimkin 3ashan cithee

Lulu: Sindisooo ma tisti7een intay a7ad yis2l hal so2al

Yousif: la 3adee 5al ta5eth ra7at.ha ma galat shay bas tabee tit2akad

Lulu: ee ma gilna l2 bas mo lay hal daraja hathee

Sindis: ohwa ra'6ee 9a7 Yousif?

Yousif: ee ee 9a7

we finished shopping and decided to go watch a movie fa ri7na odione cinema o nagayna my sisters keepers cuz kan shakla 7ada 3ajeeb di5alna o ana wil banat 9ij indimajna it was really good we actually cried throughout the movie I was a mess my nose was red my eyes were puffy from all the crying I looked like hell kan shaklee iy5ari3 yan3nee It was really sad so o 9ij mo mal a7ad iyshoofnee il7een when the movie finished the lights opened and guess who was sitting a couple of rows infront of us????