Friday, July 24, 2009

The End Of The Road (3)

He turned around looking at me with a confused look he kept staring at my hand because i was still grabbing on his shirt that's when i realised what i was doing and let go.

i was shocked of my reaction i was speechless

Bader: ashoofich bil jam3a inshallah

Sindis: .......

Fajer: ee inshallah ma3a il salamah

Bader: allah iysalmich

and just like that he left.. and once he left il banat started laughing their heads off i was still shocked of my reaction how could i even think of doing such thing i've just met him this morning. i hid under the covers not wanting to hear what the girls are about to say

fajer: INTAY SHINO SAWAYTAY fashalteenaaa

Sindis: wallah il 3a'6eem ma adree shino sawayt

lulu: hahaha yimkin min il '6arba ilee yat.ha 3ala mo5ha 5alt.ha she reacts this way

Sindis: yal malee8a wallah 7adee afashil

Noor: hehehe 9ij il mawgif iy'6a7ik Sindisooo 9ij ma tiwaga3tich chithee mara wa7da gi'6abtee

Sindis: siktay siktay intay a5er wa7da itikalam ma tathkireen lama kina ib paris ri7tay lamaytay this random guy 3abalich sa3oodey o5ooch hahahaha

Noor: la la ana 3ala il a8al kan 3abalee sa3oodeey mo ib balee shay thanee( and she winked)

the girls stayed with me till midnight and left cuz they had classes the next day.. once they left i slept like a baby min il drip ilee 7a6eenlee iya i woke up the next morning hearing knocks on the door and no one entered

Sindis: who is it?
Bader: hatha ana momkin ad5al
Sindis: digeega bas

and i rushed to the bathroom washed brushed my teeth ratabt my hair put on some perfume o 6ala3t

Sindis: itfa'6al id5al bader

he entered the room looking as handsome as always wearing black track pants and a baby b lue shirt he was holding some flowers and choclates how thoughtful of him

Bader: 9aba7 il 5ayr
Sindis: 9aba7 il noor( almost whispering)
Bader: 7abayt ati6aman 3alaych gabel la aroo7 il jam3a( and he put the stuff on the side table)
Sindis: thank you wayed bas mala da3ee kil hatha
Bader: these are a few things that i picked up on the way to here ma 6aminach il doctor?
sindis: imbala galee bas yabee yit2kad ina everything is fine o biy6al3ooney at 12

after 15 minutes the doctor came in with some papers in his hand his face was shocked and confused it was pale his look was so not reasurring my expression turned from a smile to a frown ......

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The End Of The Road (2)

to say inee iftishalt ishwaya how did he even come in without me noticing him oo 6ab3an il i5t fajer mayta min il '6i7ik 3alay bagayt agoom o akfa5ha. he was wearing a black shirt with a dark pair of jeans he looked stunning.

sindis: he he he la ana ma kin

fajer: (interupting me) tara mo ila u make up excuses he already heard u

i gave her a look ilee min il 5ar3a i6la3at bara il room

guy: sindis 3asa u feel better il7een tara ana jidan asif wallah ma kint ag9id

sindis: ee il7imdillah i feel much better o accidents do happen fa just dont worry about it

guy: ma3ach bader al flani (o mad eeda )

sindis: ma3ak sindis al flani tisharaft ib ma3riftik (ana ba3ad madayt eedee and we shook hands)

bader: this is ur first year bil jam3a?

sindis: eee my first day to be exact he he he

Bader: ee ga3id agool shaklich i9'3eer

sindis: inta ay year?

Bader: this is my third inshallah

and we kept on talking about uni and how it was until the rest of the girls crashed in to the room

the girls all together: SALAMAT MA ITSHOOFEEN SHAR

sindis: allah iysalimkom thank u for coming a9lan mala da3ee u even come i'll be out by tommorow

lulu: abay min 9ijich ishlown ma inyeelich

noor: ishda3wa a9lan ma kan 3indina shay insawee

dalal: tawna 5ala9na min mo7a'6aratna o yeena 3ala 6ool

let me tell u about the girls lulu is the kindest person ever ma 3indiha sowalif ilee tiz3al o hal stuff ihya wayed 6ayba o i7laywa o she gets shy really easily she is a bit chubby bas mashallah 3alayha wayed jameela she has black hair brown eyes shes just pretty... o noor she is also i7laywa bas min il now3 ilee ijtima3iya o easy going o open minded she is wayed mamloo7a she has natural light hair o she loves staying white she also has light eyes..o dalal dalal is the typical kuwaiti girl bas she is also 7ilwa she is not tall nor short just perfect. i know that i cant live without them.

bader: e7m e7m ana 3ayal asta2thin o ma itshoofeen shar inshallah o ana jidan asif

sindis: il shar ma iyeek o mashkoor 3ala kil shay ma ga9art

bader: il 3afoo ishda3wa don't even mention it

i held on to the back of his shirt and...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The End Of The Road (1)

Hi my name is Red and this is my first time writing a blog I hope u like it ;p

The End Of The Road(1)

I woke up in the morning in my cozy bed, the blankets were so comfy it was red with pink flowers on the edge. The sunlight came through the white flowy curtains when i heard knocks on my door which interrupted my thoughts


fita7t il bab ib kil birood without knowing what the hell is going on

Fajer: ABAY LAYL7EEEN MA BADALTAY (she shouted)
Sindis: laysh ish3indina hal 7aza

Fajer is one of my closest friends i knew her since middle school o she is so pretty mashallah 6iweela o i'63eeefa she has brown hair and is tanned perfectley she's just amazing

OMG i absoluteley forgot ina ilyowm awal yowm dawam bil jam3a... i rushed to the bathrooom took a shower brushed my teeth put my hair in a bun and stared at the closet not knowing what to wear, i decided to put on a pair of high waisted jeans and a puffy sleeved shirt wore my miu miu flats put on a little make up even though my friends tell me to not put any because i look good with or without it.

Fajer was so mad at me that she kept on yelling the whole time i got out of my room. we locked the appartment door and ran to the uni cuz it was just accros the street. while i was running this person bumped into me real hard that i hit the wall and fell.

Fajer: sindis sindis goomay (with her worried tone)
guy: are u okay? are u hurt?
i opened my eyes slowly that all i saw was some blurry faces
Fajer: tigdireeen itshoofeenee? inroo7 il dictoor?
sindis: la la i'm fine yallah 5anroo7 il mo7a'6ara(i said even though it was hard for me to get up)
guy: i5teee ana asif wallah ma kint ag9id bas kint mista3yel waray mo7a'6ara

this is when i noticed that there was a guy next to me he was tanned with the most perfect body i've ever seen he looked amazing he had sharp features ya3nee u would know ina he's kuwaiti the second u see him

sindis: ma 9ar ila il 5ayr mala da3ee u be sorry i'm fine see (i said while getting up when i suddenley fell to the ground, I couldn't keep my balance i was so tired)

all i could remember was that someone lifted me up from the ground

i woke up finding my self in a white bed with white walls around me i saw fajer sitting on a chair right beside my bed she loooked so tired 7adha iksirat 5a6reee

sindis: FAJOOOR ana kint 7almana wala 9ij a hot guy shalneee
Guy: la 9ij 9ij a hot guy which i suppose is me shalich ha ha ha