Thursday, January 28, 2010

The End Of The Road (33)

ba5alee hal post as long as I can 3ashankom ;*

o ana ga3da a7awil a5ali9 hal story as fast as I can 3ashan I start with the true one

after ma I finished talking to Noor I went to Yousif o ashwa he was being released today so I stayed with him and packed all his stuff. Bader came and helped me pack as well we oredered pizza and ate, then each person did their own thing I was doing my assignements Bader was on his laptop, and Yousif was watching some car race show.

The doctor came in and did some final checks and released him, But he has to come back for chemo in a couple of days.

We left the hospital and took Yousif to his hotel room I organized his stuff and made sure that he was ok

Sindis: Yousif tabee shay gabil ma amshee?

Yousif: tislimeen mabee ila salamat 3omrich

Sindis: ana ba5alee my phone maftoo7 all night just incase you need anything

Yousif: la inshallah mako ila il 3afia

Sindis: ok call me awal ma itgoom 3ashan at6aman

Yousif: inshallah

Bader: haman ana Yousif itha i7tijt ay shay mayridik ila ilsanik

Yousif: tislam ma 8a9art, yallah sindis tara its getting late

Bader: ee yallah I'll drop you off 3ala 6ireejee

Bader left the room ana I was making some final checks o I was about to leave

Yousif: Sindis!

Sindis: hala?

Yousif: mashkoora

Sindis: 3ala shino?

Yousif: 3ala kil shay thank you

Sindis: 3aib 3alayk ya Yousif ana ma sawayt ila ilee gidart 3alay

Yousif: tislimeen

I had to leave the room cuz madreee something's wrong with mee I'm liking Yousif alot,lalalala he's just a friend shfeech sindis thiglay o fakray ib Bader

Sindis: ana lazim aroo7 good night

Yousif: allah wiyach good night

I left the room relieved yet nervous yet scared at the same time, I don't know what will happen next allah kareeem

I pressed on the down button and waited for the elevator to arrive I shifted to a land of thoughts and worries "DING" the sound brought me back to reality, I entered the elevator pressed on G, once the doors opened there he was my prince charming standing in the corner waiting for me

Sindis: sorry 6awalt 3alayk

Bader: la 3adee bas I hope that everything's ok cuz wayhich may6amin

Sindis: la mako shay bas I'm tired

Bader: akeed Sindis?

Sindis: ee akeed

Bader: 5ala9 3ayal awa9lich il bait 3ashan itroo7een o tirta7ayn o bacher la itdawmeen ana I'll pass by ur proffesors o a5ith minhom kilshay ti7tajayna

Sindis: la Bader wallah mala da3ee

Bader: imbala shoofay shloon shaklich ta3baan intay bas irta7ay o malich shi'3il

Sindis: hehehehe ok ok 5ala9 ma ra7 adawin bacher

How could I even think of Yousif shiftay shlown ya Sindis hatha il shai6an ga3id yil3ab ib mo5ich

Sindis: Bader!

I stopped ib the middle of the street, lazim a3arif shino ga3id iyfaker fee

Bader: 3yoon bader

Sindis: bader bas2lik so2al ohwa shwaya sudden bas lazim a3arif il answer

Bader: amray?

Sindis: abee a3arif do you like me ya3nee what am I to you?

Bader: intay min 9ijich ga3da tis2leenee hal so2al

Sindis: ee akeed min 9ijee

Bader: offcoarse I like you, I love you ba3ad

:o :o :o :o chithee kan my face, my heart stopped beating my eyes popped out of their place my stomache started to hurt. That feeling just amazing I never knew that a person could be that happy that relieved

It was mesmerizing just hearing these three words coming out of his mouth...... I ran up to him and Hugged him really tight just like a kid that found something she's lost

Bader: HAHAHAHAHA shway shway

Sindis: I whispered back I love you too

but i dont think he heard me which is better it's too soon for me to say it out loud I let go and we walked hand in hand our fingers interlocked and both of us had a smile plastered on our faces for the first time I was sure that I'm actually in love.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


okay readers I'm actually really sorry for not posting in a really loooooooooong time bas safart o lama radayt kila kan fee monasabat fa wayed lowya o il7eeeen midterm exams faaa 7owsaaaaa inshallah inshallah awal ma a5ali9 I'll continue hal story 3ashan I start the next one ;D

o to all the bloggers that I usually comment 3ala their posts I'm sorry wallah for not commenting lately bas inshallah sooon

I love u ;*****
o sorry again ;(

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year ;D

Loooool the post ileee I wrote about new year didn't get published for some reason ;p

O kil 3am o intaw ib alf 5air
Inshallah hal year itkoon kilha 5air 3alaykom o ayamkom itkoon kilha afra7 bafra7 ya rab
O I would like to thank u 3ala ur support wallah I wouldn't have done it without u ;***

Yallah everyone its 2010 enjoy it to the fullest o don't waste it 7abaybeee

love u ;*********