Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Mistake (14)

Heeey ;** I'm sorry inee I'm not posting bas mashoof comments! The more I see them the more I inee ashta6 o I post soo please share ur thoughts o let me see what you think about what's going on soo far ;D
Ooo Enjoy ;*

I don't know if I should believe him ya3niii do I love him too? Ana 3adita as a friend nothing more nothing less! 9ij inee I got attached to him bas moo lay darajat inee I lOVE him! Madreee walla madreee this thing is confusing meee!

Onee timee kint ga3da asowlif ma3aah o ma adreee what was the convo about exactly bas inaa za3aaal! O ana ga3adt afaker ib a waaaay inee ara'6ee feeha fa fakart inee adizla a voice clip (that's like a voice not bas bil msn :p)

The voice clip said: laaa latiz3aal I didn't mean it wallaaa
( I still have it saved!)

Heeeeee weeentt craazyyyyyy!!!!!
Matwa8a3 ineee badizlaaaa my actuaaal voicee o to be honest I said it in a bit dala3 way not tthe halima boland kind of way bas madreee

3azeez: fdeeeeeeeeeeeeeet il dalaaa3 anaaaa
( Ooo madreee ma7ib lama kuwaitttii iygool fdaiit a7isaa hailigee ya3nii emaraty I would love to hear it cuz its there word bas kuwaiti madree ma7ibha!)

'3alia: :$

3azeez: abaaiih '3aloooy wallaa 9ootich 5ayal

'3alia: min 9ijiik waii3 ay 5ayal

3azeez: o rab il ka3ba 5ayaal

'3alia: mashkor I guess :$

This was the first time he has ever heard my voice o I never listened to his

'3alia: yallaa doorik dizle a voicce

3azeez: shagool feha

'3alia: ay shaay bas asma3 9owtik

Soo he did!

And guess what did he say in his voice clip!!!!!

Just guess!

Voice clip 3azeez: Ay shay!

Waiii3 ya3nii jad that's all he could've said ayshay

'3alia: maaaaleeeee888888

3azeez: looooooool wallaa madreee shagool bas hata ilee gidart agoola

7arneee 7arakta kanat malee8a ya3nii bas 6awaft,haa

Tadroon ina kan min the shy type! He told me oncee ina moo min il noww3 ileee wayed jaree2 sa3aaat yst7eeee iyshawiiig!!!! Ya3nii madree its cute ina a guy gets shy sometimes.

His birthday was coming up and I was thinking of doing him something I thought of sending him a gift with the driver to his house but that was tooo risky 5ift he asks the driver about me o he finds out that I was lying to him about many things!

O offcoarse I couldn't meet up with him or call him makan biydee asawee shay

Bas gilt I sing to him! I don't sing jidam many people so that would be special

I was having some feelings towards him I have started to likee him very much VERY much o I was falling fast for him! I think I'm in love I'm not sure but all the things that people say you feel when your in love I'm actually feeling them ya3nii whenever my phone vibrates indicating an msn message I jump from my seat excited to see what he's sent me o whenever he doesn't talk to me I miss him soo bad that my hear aches fearing that he's found someone else! Or whenever he tell's me I love you I scream through my pillow and my smile is so wide that my cheeks hurt! And I can't sleep at night unless I've talked to him and made sure that he's slept before me!

All the feeling that I've mentioned are the symptoms of love isn't it?

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