Friday, April 22, 2011

Makoo feedback :(

Makoo feedback laysh :(
How do I knowww if people are reading 3ashan akamil wila la2..


Anonymous said...

Elstory 3ajiibaa kamlehaa please:*


bint almehairi said...

7abebty sam7eny i read the post w i liked it wayed bas we got our report cards this week and my mum is sort of mad cause she expected better so i kind off laid low for a while bas the post was amazing i love it w yallah aba the next one

girl with the petite appetite said...

I've been quiet for a long time... Tadreen 3ayaz bes hatha maydel ena mako readers or we dislike the story!! Al7een Ana wa7da eley 3ayzana bas I'm very sure that I'm not the only one w fee wayid '3airy!! 7abebty tara u r doing great in the story soooo CONTINUE!! ;D w lat5aleen our feedback e2ther 3alaich w 3ala ur writhing!!

Darliam said...

Red .. sorry i know i'm not commenting bas ma 3endi waqt... i read ur story mn el bb w at3eyaz to comment...

elyoom my sister was talking about ur story to a friend faj2a astw3b ena she talking about you .. agolaha mnu? Red ... etgooli la2 the end of the road!! lol

el mhm .. tara fe wayd nas r reading 89tch bas ma7ad la khlg to comment ... sam7eena ;*

Cashmere.Poison said...

Honey I have the same problem too. :( 100+ pageviews and 0 comments! People are either too lazy or too busy to comment!

Red said...

D: inshallaa I will ;*o thankk uu :*

Bint almehairi: masmoo7a 7abeebtee, o thankk uuu eee I know what ur going through walla alla iywafgich :**

Girl with the petite appetite: wallaaa makin adree cuz sta'3rabt faj2a makoo comments fa I thought no ones reading o thank u wayeedd ;***

Darliam: OMG Darliaaaaam!!! Tara min 6awal il '3aybaat jab il '3anayim yalla nabee il '3anayim i7naa! I miissseed u wayed :( ... Hehehehe 9ij! :$ walllaa wanasteenee :****** .... O masmoo7a wallaa ;*

Cashmere.Poison: eee wallaa il'6aher as u saiiid ya they're busy wila fee shay
O thank u 3ala ur comment ;***